A cat officially euthanized reappears unexpectedly on social media eight weeks after

The following tale is the type of misadventure no pet owner ever wants to go through. A cat officially euthanized by her veterinarian in Hyeres, France, somehow resurfaced two months later on social media, to her owner’s confusion.

Two-year-old puss Macha brought happiness to her family until a horrific event happened. In May 2022, the tortoiseshell kitten was involved in a severe car accident.

During the incident, Macha sustained life-threatening injuries. Therefore, her loving owners in Hyères, in the French region of Var, took her to the most reputable animal hospital in the area.

 The cat was rushed to the emergency room. Afterward, the physician who cared for Macha declared that the severity of the injuries left no hope: Macha couldn’t possibly recover.

Given the feline’s terrible diagnosis, her vet asked to alleviate the kitten’s pain by performing euthanasia.

Macha’s owners, overcome with grief, gave their consent for the procedure. Soon, they would return home with a broken heart and a certificate proving their beloved pet had passed away.

The euthanized cat is alive?

But in July, Sophie, the family’s youngest member, was browsing Instagram when she came upon a picture of Macha. Sophie remembered the strange discovery in an interview:

“It was an ad from a lady who said she had lost her tomcat in Hyères. Except that the photo of the cat who was called like mine was ultra-similar,”

The turtle shell coat that Macha wore was a distinctive sign. Determined to find answers, Sophie reached out to the lady behind the ad.

When enquired about the feline, the ad’s author claimed that she picked up this little cat from a veterinary clinic in Hyères not too long ago and brought it home.

According to the lady, Macha’s previous owners had given up on her after the puss had a terrible car accident and caused many injuries.

Furthermore, Macha’s new mistress asserted that she had paid for Macha’s vaccinations, even though Macha had previously been inoculated.

Of this confusing story, one thing was clear: the cat in the picture was Macha.

Sophie immediately contacted the animal hospital to demand some clarification. Unfortunately, the vet’s answers didn’t satisfy the angry owner. Sophie tole France Bleu:

” She was vague in her justifications; she never imagined we could find her.”

The vet thought Sophie’s family’s sorrow was over, so she didn’t want to call back to tell to announce that their kitty had actually recovered.

“We felt betrayed. It is our Macha; she is a member of our family”, argued Sophie

Although she didn’t want to press charges, Sophie reported the event. As compensation, the practitioner promised she would provide free treatment for the rest of Macha’s life.

Still, Sophie feels like nothing could ever make up for the agony she felt when they had to put down their kitten.

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