A couple in Siberia rescued a trapped cat with his paws frozen in the ice at subzero temperatures

Sergey Baranov and his wife Yelena saved a cat after discovering it buried beneath their vehicle in the snow. The stranded cat’s paws had frozen after being caught in a puddle on the street.

This event occurred at Zlatoust, a Russian town on the Ay River. Zlatoust is located in western Siberia, a region famous for its long, severe winters. In this area, the temperature reaches an average of -25 °C (-13 °F) in January.

That day, the thermometer plunged to -35 degrees Fahrenheit. Sergey and Yelena Baranov were about to start their vehicle when they had the reflex of checking underneath.

In an interview with Siberian Times, 41-year-old knife-maker Sergey remarked:

“It must have got under the car in the evening, looking for a warm place, fell asleep, and all its paws got frozen solid by the morning,”

 This kitten was slowly wilting on the muddy ice.

The cat is rescued in extremis

Therefore, the couple carefully rushed to the feline’s assistance. Initially, they attempted to lift it from the ground but failed: the animal was immovable.

Sergey and Yelena resorted to melting the ice around the puss. To succeed, Yelena went back and forth to fetch hot water while her husband held the shivering kitten.

Even though some cats do not enjoy the water, he was aware that the two people were attempting to get him out of the cold pool, so he kept silent, which allowed them to pull him out of the dangerous trap while he was still alive.

The pair ultimately freed the cat from the ice after using seven buckets of hot water. Still, the animal’s paws continued to be frozen solid, and it did not immediately regain mobility.

 Besides, when they freed him from his icy trap, the puss cat was suffering from hypothermia and on the verge of passing out.

Yelena and Sergey shielded the exhausted pet in a thick blanket and carried it back to their house to keep him warm.

Semyon gets a new family

After the rescuers called for a veterinarian, the professional arrived and gave the kitten, who was seven months old at the time, an anti-inflammatory shot. By the end of the day, he had already started walking.

They named him Semyon. Three days later, a young woman took in Semyon, who would soon forget his misadventure.

” After making sure the cat was all right, I posted an announcement on my page, and a girl from our city said she wanted to pick it up,” said the knife-maker.

He concluded his story with a valuable piece of advice. Before starting the engine, it is imperative that you routinely inspect the area below your vehicle.

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