A cat owner installs a food dispenser for their cats only to get upstaged by the device

To regulate her pets’ alimentation, a cat owner set up a special vending machine, which distributes food periodically. Past their initial reluctance, the cats have now come to love the machine… more than their human.

Cee Webster, from Portland, Oregon, regularly visited a shelter five years ago. She was allergic to cats so she couldn’t adopt any of the pensioners, but she liked playing with them anyway.

At that time, she was introduced to Tucker and Finley, two inseparable ginger kittens who were eight weeks old.

The Real estate agent rapidly realizes that she would not be able to leave without these two kittens. As the number of hugs increased, her decision was made.

Although she had an allergy, Cee Webster adopted the two kitties and brought them home with her.

After moving into Cee Webster’s house, Tucker and Finley became the happiest cats ever. The two felines were closer than ever before.

They spent all their time together and adored their owner Cee, who in return was just as obsessed with them.

Cee Webster tried to get Tucker and Finley to move around as much as she could. For this reason, she used a toy in the shape of a mouse.

The food dispenser for cats takes over

Tucker and Finley both had a voracious appetite. Therefore, before eating, the two cats developed the habit of racing after the toy mouse to work up a sweat and get some exercise.

This daily routine had gone on to such an extent that the moggies immediately began to link meals with this stuffed mouse. In addition to the mouse toy, Cee Webster purchased a vending machine for her felines.

The device offered the primary benefit of distributing food in predetermined amounts. It enabled the real estate agent to better control the amount of food that her cats consumed.

At first, Tucker and Finley were not buying this new procedure. They displayed a healthy amount of skepticism and even appeared to be upset by the loud noise that the machine produced.

But things turned around for the better once the pusses figured out that this noisy appliance could actually distribute food consistently. Eureka!

Over time, the two cats developed a growing faith in the trusty food dispenser. Besides, they even started ignoring their caretaker.

Cee told her Twitter followers:

Cee Webster’s only saving grace is that this dispenser didn’t also distribute hugs. Otherwise, her pets would replace her entirely.

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