Room full of ginger cats, litterboxes, and cat trees.

Clinic sets up room for 20 ginger cats rescued from a hoarding situation

Welcome to the ginger cats room! This cat clinic set aside a large room for these 20 cats that came from a hoarding house, and most of these are gingers. Any volunteer who sets foot in the room will see nothing but orange! A room full of ginger cats It’s a little out of the … Read more

Cat and bird are the best of friends

Cat and bird develop an unlikely bond and can’t get enough of each other

When Rachell adopted a bird and kittens, she wished them to get along. But the pets surpassed her expectations: they became best friends. Rachell brought a colorful bird into her home at the end of 2020. Thus, she named the green and orange animal Chicken. Later, Rachell peeped at an ad showcasing a fluffy ginger … Read more

Woman offerspet a cat miniature house

Owner gives miniature house to her cat on its fifteenth birthday

An owner’s celebrated her cat’s fifteenth birthday with a gift that had the Internet swooning. The video revealing the cat’s new miniature house received thousands of views. Kody, the ginger cat, is a bona fide social media celebrity who lives in Australia with his mistress. He has racked up more than 200 000 followers on … Read more

ginger cats

A rescue organization rescued 49 cats after learning an elderly owner had become ill and unable to care for them

In a post by Celia Hammond Animal Trust of Lewisham, London, 49 cats have been rescued from a man’s home and available for adoption. Health services contacted the rescue because the elderly cat owner required an operation however refused treatment until his beloved felines were safe. The rescue received information the owner had ‘more than … Read more

owner gets food dispenser for cats

A cat owner installs a food dispenser for their cats only to get upstaged by the device

To regulate her pets’ alimentation, a cat owner set up a special vending machine, which distributes food periodically. Past their initial reluctance, the cats have now come to love the machine… more than their human. Cee Webster, from Portland, Oregon, regularly visited a shelter five years ago. She was allergic to cats so she couldn’t … Read more

A ginger cat sitting on a cat tree looking at the camera.

This cat has his own podcast where he helps soothe listeners with his purrs

Bilbo is a ginger tabby whose owner Ellen began to share him with the world on Twitter in 2017. She loved ‘“Cat Twitter”; the community on the social media site that posts about wholesome cat content, and decided to start spreading the joy he gave her by simply existing every day. Ellen explains: “He’s improved … Read more

Two images of a ginger cat

This cat was abandoned twice and the reasons are shocking

Jacque is an affectionate ginger cat who loves a good cuddle. Sadly, this kitten didn’t have the best luck when it comes to owners, he was abandoned twice and almost killed. When the Michigan Cat Rescue shelter shared Jacque’s story and the reasons behind his rejection on Facebook, people were rightfully appalled. In May 2016, … Read more

Mike asymmetrical senior cat

Unloved stray cat with asymmetrical face finally gets the retirement he deserves

Mike, a former stray with an asymmetrical face, lived a hard life until he got adopted by a loving human. Now in his later years, Mike can finally enjoy a peaceful retirement. The 14-year-old feline Mike lives in the east of France with his owner Nathalie. This ginger cat has an uncommon feature: the right … Read more

Cat adopted by police starts behaving ‘just like an officer’

At Port Lavaca police station in Texas, there’s a cat who feels right at home. He goes by the name of Captain. And he is in charge of keeping everybody in check. Not your typical police rookie Captain is a five-year-old ginger-and-white cat who joined the ranks of the Port Lavaca police department in 2017. … Read more