A cat was revived by a special animal oxygen mask after being rescued from a house fire

As reported by BBC News a lucky cat in the UK was revived through the use of a special animal oxygen mask after being rescued from a burning house by firefighters.

When responding to reports of a house fire in Paddington, Central London, firefighters pulled two cats from a burning home, one of whom was unresponsive and in very bad shape. 

The occupants of the house were thankfully not at home at the time of the fire but it looked like one of their beloved moggies was going to become a casualty of the blaze.

Rescue and resuscitation

As soon as the firefighters realized that the cat was unresponsive and likely suffering the effects of smoke inhalation, they placed a specially designed animal oxygen mask on its face and gave it the clean oxygen it so desperately needed.

Blessedly the oxygen mask succeeded in reviving the kitty and they were able to be transferred to a local animal hospital where they made a fast recovery and were discharged after just a short stay.

Nathan Beeby, a fire station officer who responded to the blaze and was on the scene when the cat was revived, shared with BBC News that the specially designed apparatus had:

“Ultimately saved the cat’s life.”

Animal oxygen mask equipment sits on a table.
The life-saving equipment being used by London firefighters. Pic credit: BBC News/Website

Pilot scheme

The London fire station house that responded and rescued the fortunate moggie is a part of a pilot scheme that has provided fire trucks in Battersea, Paddington, Richmond, and Hammersmith with the new animal oxygen masks.

The hope is that if these masks prove successful in saving the lives of London’s precious pets, then they will be added to fire trucks across the country.

Given the outcome of the Paddington house fire, it is likely that these life-saving oxygen masks will become common use in the UK and save an untold number of housepets.

Saving pets lives

The novel pilot scheme was launched by the not-for-profit organization Smokey Paws, which donated the masks to the fire trucks that took part in the new initiative. 

Smokey Paws was founded in an effort to end the number of animal deaths occurring across the UK due to fires and bring awareness to the loss of pets to house fires, which has been happening for many years.  

Discussing the innovative pilot scheme with BBC News, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, Dave O’Neill said: 

“This new equipment will allow our crews to safely provide oxygen to any animals which need medical attention in the immediate aftermath of a fire. They will also bring a bit of hope and positivity to families in a traumatic situation.”

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