This affectionate stray cat took an Uber to his loving forever home

A cyclist named Lily rescued a stray cat in a unique way; by popping him into his own Uber while she biked home.

She eventually found a loving family for the friendly stray who now has a ride-share to thank for helping him reach his forever home.

The DoDo shared the feel-good story in a video that has now amassed over 989,000 views since it was first posted.

The video shares footage of Lily on the night that she was approached by the friendly ginger stray on the street, and had to navigate how to save the cat when her only mode of transport was her bike.


Lily explained that she was biking at night when she was stopped by an extremely affectionate ginger tomcat who approached her, weaving himself around her bike wheels and rubbing up against her legs.

Though the cat was very friendly, he appeared to be a stray street cat who was extremely dirty and did not have a collar.

Lily had no idea why the stray had been drawn to her but she now felt responsible for the kitty and realized that she needed to help him.

‘I have a bike and a cat’

Unfortunately, as Lily explained in the video she had no idea how to assist the friendly stray, feeling totally unprepared for the situation that she had found herself in, saying:

“I had my bike with me and now I had a cat.”

Despite the challenges that her predicament posed, she knew she had to find a way to rescue the affectionate feline when she realized that he was in immediate danger given that he was wandering near a busy road. She explained:

“He was asking me for pets and stuff, and I was like God I can’t leave him, when he started walking into traffic.”

Having resigned herself to helping the sweet stray, Lily came up with a plan for how to get the cat off the streets and it involved a ride-share.

An Uber for one

Without a safe way to transport her new feline friend on her bike, Lily did the only thing that she could think of; she ordered an Uber for the cat. She explained her reasoning in the video, saying:

“So I just called the cat an Uber and I’m biking home because the cat and my bike can’t fit in the Uber.”

Luckily for Lily, the Uber driver who arrived was very happy to be a ‘cat chauffeur’ for the night and popped her address into his GPS and put the fortunate stray into his car.

Vet checked

Lily’s first step now that the cat was in her care was to take him to the 24-hour vet and get him checked out.

The ginger kitty’s affectionate nature continued when he was at the veterinary office Lily shared, explaining that the cat used the time he was being checked for a microchip as an opportunity for some rubs, saying:

“He was rubbing himself on the woman who was scanning him, he was sprawled out showing his belly.”

After the examination, the vet revealed that the cat was in good health and did not have a microchip.

Realizing that the sweet cat didn’t deserve to be roaming the streets, Lily resolved to find the kind kitty a loving forever home, saying:

“He was so well-behaved, it’s not like I was gonna put him back on the street.”

Loving forever home

Though Lily had fallen in love with the sweet ginger tabby, her living arrangements meant that she was unable to offer the cat a long-term home.

She remembered that a co-worker of hers had told her that their parents were longing to give a home to an affectionate cat. 

And so, the lucky kitty found his new forever home, where he was named Gus and doted on by his new cat parents who fell head-over-heels in love with him.

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