A couple’s new home comes with a bonus: two outdoor cats!

This couple moved into their new home and discovered that it came with two outdoor cats, Cary and Cocoa. Although Cary was happy with her outdoor life, Cocoa wanted love and security, so they adopted her as an indoor cat.

Christy documented the journey on TikTok and in an interview with the Dodo. She said that they had bought the new house in March. Since then, so much has happened on their journey with the cats.

Cary and Cocoa

The couple noticed a cat that would often come by the house. She didn’t look like a stray, since she was so healthy and well-groomed. This cat was Cary.

There was also a black cat named Cocoa. The house seller told Christy that they were outdoor cats that had been taken care of by the previous homeowner.

The two cats were a pleasant surprise for Christy. She told the Dodo:

“We were really excited and just saw it as a bonus.”

For a while, Cary was the only cat they saw, and they fed her every day. Then one day they saw another cat approach the food bowl at the same time as Cary. Christy was worried. Would they fight, or would they share?

The cats nuzzled each other, as friendly as could be. This other cat was Cocoa, Cary’s outdoor cat companion.

As the couple got to know the two cats, they learned that Cocoa was very friendly and would let them pet her, while Cary liked to keep to herself. Both cats were welcome all the time.

Black cat eating out of food bowl gets petted, while brown and white cat watches
Cocoa gets some head scratches while Cary supervises. Pic credit: @midcentmadness/TikTok

Taking Cocoa indoors

Things didn’t always go smoothly. One day, Christy saw a coyote chasing Cocoa on the house camera footage. Cocoa was fine, and afterward the two cats acted like nothing had happened. But Christy was still shocked and worried for the cats.

Then one day, Cary disappeared. The house seller told them that it was the cat’s habit to go off on long adventures and go missing for years before returning home. Christy was sad, but she was hopeful that Cary would come back one day.

Meanwhile, Cocoa was lonely without her friend. She started coming to the window more often, asking for attention. The couple wondered how she would do as an indoor cat. They wanted her to have companionship and be safe from coyotes and other outdoor dangers.

They brought her into their home in July. They weren’t sure if their current cat, Chester, would like Cocoa, but the two cats did well together. Now they groom each other, share food, and enjoy each other’s company.

Orange cat and black cat sit together
Cocoa fits in well with Chester. Pic credit: @midcentmadness/TikTok

After transitioning from the outdoors, Cocoa now lives indoors full-time. Cary is still out on her adventure, but Christy believes she will come back some day. She says:

“Our door is always open.”

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