A cyclist saved a kitten’s life while out biking and the kitty shared her gratitude with sweet kisses

When professional cyclist Vitor Fonseca rescued a kitten he found during a bike trip, that kitten gave him some sweet kisses to say thank you. The adorable act was all caught on video.

Fonseca found the kitten while cycling through Brazil, it was all alone, and its mother was nowhere in sight. Fonseca didn’t want to leave the cat alone in case he was abandoned, so he decided he would take the cat with him.

Fonseca to the rescue

Fonseca picked up the kitten and tucked the tiny feline into his shirt while he rode on his bicycle back to his destination and the kitten seemed to enjoy his ride.

The tiny little kitten immediately felt at home with Fonseca and loved being so close to him. The little kitten also seemed really grateful for being saved.

Fonseca was just glad the cat wasn’t clawing at him and that it actually liked him. But it seemed as though the cat more than just liked him.

That kitten looked like she loved Fonseca, she kept nuzzling her tiny little face into Fonseca’s as they rode in between loud meows.

Happy and happier

Then she started covering Fonseca in teeny little cat kisses all over his chin and neck. It’s hard to tell who was happier: the cat or Fonseca. Fonseca had a giant grin across his face while he got in some kittie cuddles. Fonseca wrote on Facebook:

“Saving a life today,”

The kitten snuggled with Fonseca inside his shirt for a 6-plus mile bike ride. Fonseca said that all his new friend did the whole way was “play.”

Fonseca took a video of him rescuing the kitten and posted it on Facebook and YouTube, where it went viral.

Facebook comments in Brazilian.
Pic credit: Vitor Fonseca/YouTube

One YouTuber commented:

“Thank you for being such a beautiful, kind, and caring human being!!  You are a wonderful person!”

Another praised Fonseca for his selfless act, writing:

“May the Most High reward you for this great work of humanity that you have done. Saving the life of a little kitten is the best way to have positive karma,”

There were thousands of people who commented on Fonseca’s social media pages. Many wanted to know what became of the kitty.

Fonseca said that he was able to find the kitten a new home where it would be safe and loved. Still, these two will surely remember each other forever.

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