Chupie the cat is a bread lover…and a thief!

Chupie is a cat who loves any type of bread: toast, baguettes, croissants, bagels, and more. Just like other hilarious cats who love bread, he will do anything to get it, even steal it right out of his owner’s hands.

Chupie’s owner, Michelle, adopted him when he was just a kitten. The first post on his Instagram profile is a picture of him with the caption “A baby chupacabra” Chupie is the perfect name for this fun and feisty kitty!

Chupie the cat burglar

Michelle explains Chupie’s story to The Dodo, saying that she discovered that he could open doors as a kitten. Now he uses his cat burglar skills to steal his most coveted prize: bread.

His favorite activity is to snatch bread right out from under Michelle’s nose and eat it. If she tries to take it from his mouth, he bites down and holds on, turning it into a tug of war match filled with stubborn meows and growls.

Michelle tells The Dodo:

“He’s very strategic as a bread thief. He will attack your food when you least expect it.”

There are several videos of Chupie’s heists on his TikTok. One shows him stealing toast straight from the toaster before his owner can get to it.

Others show him jumping on tables, counters, and even his owner’s shoulders to get to his target.

Chupie the hunter

Michelle describes Chupie’s love of bread as “food aggression” and “obsession.” She explains:

“He thinks he’s hunting. He locks onto the target, and he pursues it, and he will not give up until he wins.”

And Chupie is a mighty hunter indeed. According to Michelle, he can tear open a bag of bread in only a few seconds.

A cat bites a plastic bag full of bread.
This bread bag doesn’t stand a chance. Pic credit: @chupiedoesntgiveameow/TikTok

It’s surprising that Chupie is so aggressive toward his food since he is usually a very gentle cat and would never hurt his owner. But if he has chosen bread as his target, of course, he has to give it all he’s got!

Bread fun and games

Michelle says that it’s hard to stay mad at him, since he’s so cute, and she obviously has so much fun with him. She has even held bread competitions to see which kind Chupie prefers.

Despite the fun and games, Michelle does make Chupie’s health a priority, making sure he doesn’t eat too much bread.

She has recently started buying bread-shaped toys to distract Chupie from the real stuff.

Although sometimes he chooses the toys over the real bread, the distraction isn’t always successful.

But Michelle still loves him and tries to help him live his best life. She says:

“He’s definitely stolen my heart, I’ll never get it back, just like the bread that he eats.”

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