A family moved out and cruelly left their cat behind but a kind-hearted neighbor gave him a new home

In July 2020, a stunned woman witnessed her neighbors across the street leave their senior cat, never to return.

The abandoned elderly cat was left behind outside in the elements anticipating his owner’s return to no avail.

The feline felt heartbroken and defeated, with no shelter from the heat, rain, or cold. Maria, the concerned neighbor across the street, knew she had to do something.

She hatched a plan. Over the next few days, she viewed from afar and kept an eye on the sad feline and she researched ways to get a cat to trust others.

A caring neighbor has a plan

Maria began by approaching the abandoned cat and getting him to come to her, she talked to him and coaxed him with food and water.

With some effort and patience over a few days, this smart cat had no issue coming to Maria’s house and he began eating whatever she provided.

However, he would only do so solo. She needed to gain his trust further.

Due to the stress of this ordeal, the senior kitty began to lose weight.

The compassionate neighbor brought him to the veterinarian to get examined, he received his necessary vaccinations and stayed for a few days.

Maria noted that the rescued cat now appeared in a better state and she decided to name him Rolo.

After returning to his new environment, Rolo’s new mom periodically observed the senior cat searching for his former parents through the window. Clearly, he still had hope that his former family would return.

However, with time and patience, Rolo began to bond more with his new family.

A new space to call his own

Rolo’s new parents wanted to make sure he was comfortable and gave him his own small room in a part of the house. He now has a space to call his own and play with his homemade toys.

Rolo not only gained a new family but a new start in life. With time, his new mom and dad could see Rolo is just a sweet, lovable boy.

This senior cat was so grateful to have a fresh start. You can follow updates on Rolo on Maria’s TikTok page.


Pets are family. So, when a concerned neighbor witnessed her neighbor abandon their senior cat across the street, she knew she needed to act fast.

This kind-hearted neighbor gave this senior cat a second chance and a new start in life to be with a family that could indeed provide unconditional love and care.

Pets never abandon their family, and this neighbor knew that Rolo deserved the same.

Have you ever rescued an abandoned senior cat? Did this story resonate with you?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment.

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