Meet Flame the fire station cat: who lives with the crew of the Belmont Fire Department

In 2015, a stray cat arrived at the Belmont Fire Department in Greenville, South Carolina, and approached firefighter Jordan Lide meowing for food.

He and his colleagues gave the stray orange and white tabby some chicken and attention.

They fell in love with this laid-back kitty from the start and named their new rescue Flame, the Arson Cat. He captured not only their hearts but also the attention of their boss Chief Segars.

Initially, fearful of how the boss would react, all their fears were quelled when they saw the chief’s warm reception to Flame. Ever since the cat has been a part of the work family.

Flame’s mellow temperament and attitude fit right in with the firehouse environment. The loud noises from the trucks, fans, and equipment do not bother him.

This curious cat loves exploring the firehouse and rubbing against the tailpipes of the trucks for a good scratching. The crew does their best to keep Flame bathed, clean, and safe.

He’s adapted quite well to the chaotic lifestyle and has his own fire station built just for him.

Flame bonds with the crew

Although this stray cat approached the firehouse looking for a place to belong, the firefighters of Belmont never expected that this lovable cat would return the favor.

Being on call all hours of the day every day is intense both mentally and physically, so he is the unofficial therapy cat. Having Flame around the firehouse to cuddle and be near provides comfort for the crew.

This mellow cat provides the firefighter crew with the mental break they need.

He’s a vital part of the crew, Flame loves to hang out in the bays of the fire station and follow the firefighters around.

He’s a reliable part of their day in an always uncertain profession, Flame gives these men the gift of unconditional love and support.

Flame gets the spotlight

The crew of the Belmont Fire Department decided to create an Instagram account for Flame as he’s gotten a lot of attention.

As a result, they have made efforts to use this spotlight to help the public in their community.

With the help of their companion Flame, the fire department helps inform children and families about practicing fire safety prevention and responsible pet ownership. They also do tours with schools.

Flame, the Arson Cat, was named ASPCA 2017 Cat of the Year and also featured on an episode of My Cat from Heaven.

You can follow Flame and his adventures at the firehouse on his Instagram account.

Final thoughts

A random stray cat looking for some food and attention found a home with heroes of the Belmont Fire Department in South Carolina.

This family of heroes found a friend in Flame who provides unconditional love and mental health support for these men who put their lives on the line daily.

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