Supermarket cat who would lead people to the pet treats aisle finally finds a loving home

A young woman bought cat food for a stray cat she met in a supermarket aisle. This encounter led to new beginnings as she adopted the moggy days later.

Tania Santos, a Mexican resident, stopped into a store to buy a few things. While browsing the shelves, she noticed a white cat standing in the aisle.

Originally, Tania approached the animal to give him a quick rub, but the cat didn’t let her get off so easily, he had a hidden agenda.

At ease, the cat started to lead Tania through the supermarket, somehow, they arrived at the pet food section. What a coincidence (not)!

According to the Dodo, the animal pawed at a packet of treats like he understood exactly what he wanted.

Charmed by the persuasive puss, Tania Santos purchased the treats for him. She then inquired about the cat’s owner, but none of the store employees could tell her.

Nevertheless, she learned that the moggy had established this routine. He came to the store daily, waited for someone to give him a meal, and snuck out as soon as he finished his food.

A stray’s life

Once she completed her purchases, Tania went home.

Returning for further shopping another day, she hoped to catch up with her new buddy again. Soon, she saw the white tomcat in his favorite section and treated him to some food.

Later, Tania followed him in silence to see where he went to hide, she discovered the feline’s house was only a piece of land by the roadside.

There was nothing to protect the kitten from the elements in this small area. So, without hesitation, Tania Santos decided to welcome the cat into her home.

Beforehand, she made a quick dash to the supermarket to inform them and confirm that no one had claimed the puss so far. The staff assured Tania that nobody asked for the feline.

In his new home

Tania named her new furry friend Conejo, which translates to rabbit in Spanish. But unfortunately, the newcomer was in a neglected condition.

First, Conejo was partly missing his tail. Moreover, his coat was matted, and wounds covered his skin. These injuries might have been caused by anything from fights to run-ins with cars.

Tanya had no idea how long the cat had spent on the streets. While moving into his new house, Conejo’s looked extremely unhappy and terrified by the change.

However, he started to recover. With his new owner’s attention, the feline blossomed. Conejo even met another puss, Zulem, the family’s first cat.

Conejo and Zulem now rule Tania’s house and Conejo gets as many treats as he needs.

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