A granddaughter adopts her deceased grandfather’s cat, then creates a clever plan to help rehome cats in need.

In a heartwarming video on YouTube, a woman named Angela Rafuse recounts the time when she returned to live at home with her parents in Canada. At the end of 2019, her grandfather became ill and unable to care for his fourteen-year-old senior cat Mackenzie.

Faced with the possibility of living her final years in a shelter or with family, Angela stepped up to the plate, took on the responsibility, and became Mackenzie’s guardian. Mackenzie is not your typical cat, as she has a grumpy growl to her meow.

What may be off-putting to some is her unique love language. Mackenzie and Angela formed a special bond that only the two could understand.

Fortunately, Angela’s grandfather’s final wish to have Mackenzie safe and cared for came true.

Pain to Purpose

While taking in her new feline friend, Angela shared her experience about how she came to adopt Mackenzie on social media. To her surprise, she received several responses and comments from followers dealing with the same problem.

Many families faced the same challenges rehoming pets as their elderly family members faced transition in their lives in nursing homes or hospices. These elderly seniors were no longer able to care for their beloved pets.

Now the pets are at risk of living their final years in a shelter. Angela saw this as an opportunity to help others and create a solution.

My Grandfather’s Cat

On her grandad’s birthday anniversary, Angela launched an organization called My Grandfather’s Cat on May 18, 2021. Inspired by her experience adopting Mackenzie, Angela created solutions to help other families rehome cats in need.

When pets lose their guardians to terminal illness or other life changes, they need a comfortable and safe environment to thrive.

Meet Bo

One of the first seniors to use My Grandfather’s Cat service contacted Angela about rehoming his ginger cat, Bo. She fostered Bo for a short time before making plans to have him fostered by another person.

However, her plans for fostering Bo with another family fell through. Seeing how she and Bo formed a lovely bond while caring for him at her home, Angela again stepped up to the plate.

With the blessing of Bo’s former guardian, Angela adopted lovebug Bo. She has continued to chronicle her journey on social media ever since.

Helping seniors rehome cats.

My Grandfather’s Cat is a non-profit charity that serves families in Canada. Helping find new homes for seniors’ pets unable to care for their furry family members is changing lives one at a time.

Angela and her team of volunteers continue to help successfully rehome cats in need. So far, the organization has found sixty homes for pets and counting.

Wrap up

Angela granted her grandfather’s wish when she became the guardian angel for his senior cat Mackenzie. Turning her pain into purpose, she formed a charity that catered to helping other families with the same challenges.

Both seniors and senior pets need and deserve to be loved, especially in their twilight years. You can learn more about My Grandfather’s Cat on their website or Facebook page.

Follow Bo, Mackenzie, and Angela and their life journey together on TikTok or Instagram.

Did this story touch your heart? Have you ever needed to rehome cats in need?

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