Special needs kitten was given a week to live – now she’s 5 years old thanks to her amazing mom

When Mira was just four weeks old she was brought, along with her sister and birth mom, to be fostered at what would turn out to be her forever home.

The kittens were not expected to live, the were severely sick with upper respiratory infections and had trouble breathing and feeding.

“I was asked to take them so they could die in a home instead of a cage.”

Mira’s mom

Unfortunately, Mira’s sister didn’t survive and passed a couple of days after being brought home.

But Mira turned out to be something of a miracle.

Mira’s mom works a miracle

Mira was too underweight for medication for her upper respitory infection so it took constant care and sleepless night to try clear it.

She was syringe fed by her amazing mom every hour/two hours, got her nose cleaned every half hour, and got steam baths for weeks.

“She actually stopped breathing a couple of times, but I got her back.”

Mira’s mom

After months of hard work, Mira was making great improvements in her condition.

Mira’s mom noticed there was something different about her straight away.

Her front paws were “folded” and had an odd shape, she had a “prominent upward grin”, and once she started to move around, her mom noticed she was “wobbly”.

Mira was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia and radial hypoplasia.

A very special cat

Walking around is not really possible for Mira because of her cerebellar hypoplasia and radial hypoplasia.

Her front legs point away from her body at an almost ninety degree angle.

Coupled the compromised motor function due to her ‘wobbliness’, she is more of a ‘flopper’ than a walker.

But this doesn’t stop her from getting where she want’s to go.

Mira’s mom has gone above and beyond to make sure she has the best life possible.

She takes her on walks in a pram, got her a wheelchair and leg braces to help strengthen her front legs, and even took her on holiday with her to Costa Rica!

What’s more Mira’s mom is also the mom of Mickey the Manx kitty!

Now she has a bonded brother who sleeps with her every night as well as a devoted mom.

Mira is an incredible cat who has an equally incredible forever mom.

Together they show the kinds of miracles that love can make happen.

Tortoiseshell cat with a blep being held by her owner.
Her favorite place is being close to her mom. Pic credit: @miramiraclekitty/Instagram.

After been given only a week to live, Mira is now five years old!

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