Meet Moet and Chandon – the two fancy blind felines

Moet and Chandon weren’t born without eyes. They each survived their own rough starts to life.

Moet was taken to be sold at a pet shop when she was only a few weeks old, not old enough to be weened from her mother.

She was kept in a cramped wire cage along with other kittens and as they each got adopted away one by one, Moet was left behind.

She contracted cat flu and the owner’s of the pet store did nothing to help her.

But thankfully, someone took pity on her and took her away form the store and straight to a vet for help.


Moet was taken to a vet and after being assessed they determined that her illness had gotten so bad that both of her eyes needed to be removed.

In 2014, six days after her eye removal surgery, she met the woman who would become her forever ‘mum’ who would give her a loving home.

White cat with no eyes lays in a pink cat bed
She’s treated like royalty now. Pic credit: @moetblindcat/Instagram.

Ever since being rescued and going to live with her mum in her forever home, life has been great for Moet.

She even got a very similar looking sibling earlier this year!

Chandon, or Chandie for short, was rescued by the local SPCA in California, USA, after a woman claimed she found her on a construction site.

However, when the SPCA arrived the woman had already ‘caught’ Chandon and seemed quite comfortable in her arms.

She had a terrible ulcers on both of her eyes, and the SPCA thinks that the woman owned Chandon but couldn’t afford to treat her condition.

Also, by claiming she found Chandon, she didn’t have to pay a $75 fee to the SPCA, which may have influenced her actions.

Forever home

Chandon was transferred to the San Francisco Himalayan/Persian Cat Rescue who gladly took on the cost of her surgery.

After her surgery Chandon was put up for adoption, and in January 2022 she joined Moet in her new forever home!

Chandon did have some dental issues and matted fur which needed to be attended to, but after a few vet trips and relaxing at home, she was in full health.

Close up of a white cat with no eyes in a garden
Chandon got a cool new haircut once she got home. Pic credit: @moetblindcat/Instagram.

The two sweet sisters never have to worry about be sick and alone again, they have their amazing mum, and each other.

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