A kitten causing congestion on a highway in Malaysia is rescued by the police and onlookers

An orange kitten created a bit of chaos on a Malaysian highway. This little critter stepped in the middle of the heavy road traffic and had to be removed by traffic police officers. One of these agents filmed the rescue with his helmet camera.

Halting traffic in the middle of a busy road is no picnic. A slight disturbance in the ceaseless ballet of cars can cause derailments and accidents, resulting in casualties and damages.

So, when a little careless cat appeared on the road, drivers and onlookers were taken by surprise. This intrusion led to traffic jams.

 One thing was clear: they had to bring this cat to safety before a deplorable incident occurred. A motorcycle officer from the Penang Jabatan Pengangjutan Jalan (JPJ) arrived at the gridlock scene after receiving a call regarding the incident.

 The agent hurried to figure out the root of the issue and get the traffic flow back to normal. A camera fixed to his helmet recorded the intervention.

When the officer parked his bike on the side of the highway, he noticed a group of concerned citizens massed around a white Toyota pickup. They all seem busy looking for something.

One of them was rummaging about on the ground while the other searched the car’s wheel well. After a few moments, the people left the white pickup to hurry toward a blue automobile. A man yelled,

“Where did he go to?”

The traffic police officer soon learned that the group was looking for an animal in a precarious situation. This animal was behind the jam on the highway.

The squad saved the kitten stuck on the highway

Meanwhile, other traffic agents had joined the group. Together, police officers and drivers started looking for the little puss. Thus, they resumed the search around the white Toyota.

Minutes later, the first agent ultimately captured the feline. It turned out to be a little ginger kitten, looking terrified and confused by the commotion.

Apart from his fright, the feline was fortunately safe and sound when they found him. His saviors and the community collectively called him Oyen, a Malaysian name meaning “orange cat.”

No one could exactly explain how Oyen found himself in the thick of the hectic traffic on this highway. The kitten was then placed in the custody of a community group to see to his needs.

Mothership reported that Oyen would soon be up for adoption. In the meantime, his rescue made the news and amassed more than a million views on Tiktok.

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