Cat bids emotional farewell to a terminally ill dog

A senior dog on the verge of passing was able to spend his last days surrounded by his family, which included the house cat, with whom he was extremely close. The video of the feline saying goodbye to her best friend might make you swoon.

The footage attests to the incredible bond that existed between Bunny the cat and Tye the dog. It also puts to rest the preconceived notion that cats and dogs can’t get along.

New Yorker Erica Kutzing is both pets’ owner. She is the vice president of Strong Island Animal Rescue League, located in Suffolk County, New York, according to Pets Radar.

In 2011, Tye was still a young puppy rejected by his mother when Erica Kutzing took him in. In addition to her new canine ward, the woman also adopted a cat she named Bunny.

The animals hit it off right away. They had an instant connection which made them virtually inseparable.

Erica loved and spoiled her pets, even getting a drawing of Tye inked on her shoulder.

Sadly, the puppy became severely ill these past months. The effects of old age and sickness had taken their toll on his health.

Due to his terminal condition, Erica had no choice but to euthanize the elderly dog. The procedure was set on August 23, 2022.

The bittersweet moment

On that fateful day, they brought the sick dog back to the house so that everyone may have one more chance to bid him farewell.

It became apparent to Bunny the cat that Tye’s life was drawing to a close, the cat was disheartened. She made it known that she planned to remain by the dog’s side till the very end.

Erica filmed the sad moment before uploading it on Tiktok after the dog’s passing. The footage was titled:

“We will never recover. We loved our boy so much”  

In the TikTok, Bunny, a gorgeous calico kitten,  is patiently waiting for her owner to unlock the door so she may go inside the living room. There she quickly finds the weakened black dog laying still on the sofa.

The cat rushes over to be with him and begin gently stroking his nose as if to comfort him and show her affection for him one last time.

The six million of viewers have been moved to tears after watching the clip, where Erica explains the circumstances

User Jadaa_maariee wrote:

“She knew her buddy was going 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I’m sorry for your loss.”

Similarly, @TheReal_Spanasian summed up the general opinion, saying:

“God what a lovely reunion. my heart 💔 🥺🥺 such a beautiful bond.”

A great friendship indeed.

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