Meowing tiny orange kitten on a work desk

Tiny kitten loves to chat with her foster mom during Zoom calls

This premature kitten arrived at her foster home weak and tiny, but with a little extra love and care, she found her voice and wouldn’t stop chatting with her foster mom when she was at work. Small as a mouse The kitten, Venus, was a micro preemie, a kitten that is born prematurely and is … Read more

Cat with stitches over missing eye, labeled "After Surgery"

Mel has been twice returned to the shelter and lost an eye but she is a fighter and ready for her forever home!

Mel is a sweet kitty who has been through a lot. She has moved from home to home and is currently residing at Utah Valley Animal Rescue. She may be missing an eye after her recent surgery, but she’s still as gorgeous as ever! Mel’s Difficult Journey Mel first arrived at the Utah Valley Animal … Read more

A ginger tabby cat sits on the hood of a car.

This lost cat returned home by carpooling!

7-year-old cat Caramel gave his owners a good fright. While the family was traveling back near Annecy, France, the cheeky feline fled. He eventually returned to his home in Villeneuve d’Ascq by carpooling. It all begins when cat owner Marie-Noëlle arrives at her sister’s home in Annecy. Marie-Noëlle, who lives in Villeneuve in the North, … Read more

Cathoven the next musical sensation

Cathoven shows musical prowess in a funny clip

Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, these music geniuses, have enchanted our ears for years with their exquisite melodies. Unfortunately, no modern musician has reached the perfection level exhibited by the composers above. But someone is now up for the challenge. Introducing Cathoven, the feline with magic paws. Most felines sleep, groom, and play games with their … Read more