A man finds out his cat’s been flushing the toilet all day, racking up a huge water bill

When a man named Curt noticed his water bill increasing month after month, he didn’t immediately get the reason. After all, he wasn’t using more water… but his roommate was: the cat was flushing the toilet over and over.

Cats are curious little creatures who love to have new experiences. Most owners have no clue what the devilish felines are up to during their human absence.

Curt Coleman, a proud parent of a black and white feline, recently got confirmation of that. All was going well at the Coleman household until some suspicious water bills hit Curt at the end of the month.

Although surprised, he paid the bills without delay. Weeks later, another hefty bill showed up, much to Curt’s confusion.

Stunned by the sudden increase in his water bill, Curt Coleman wondered if there wasn’t a glitch somewhere. It couldn’t have been his water consumption alone, as he had been extra attentive following the previous bills.

Besides, Curt was sure he wasn’t using more water than usual. There had to be an explanation.

The truth behind the water issue

In reality, Curt’s hunch was correct, but the truth was funnier than this pet owner could have imagined.

One day, Curt found his cat, Crazy Eyes, standing on the toilet seat, using his front paws to pull down the lever. It turns out that Crazy Eyes was not on his first try!

 The black-and-white housecat had developed a newfound interest:  flushing the toilet countless times during the day when his owner was not home!

It was when the cat started to do it in the presence of his parent that the latter understood the increase in his bills!

Moreover, the very first time Curt heard his toilet flush while he was alone at home with his pet, the man admitted having feared for his life, especially after watching the horror movie The Conjuring. An understandable reaction.

Then, his startled mind didn’t initially register Crazy Eyes’ presence. As the feline continued his game, the house owner could finally catch him in the act.

Curt uploaded a video of the handsy puss playing his favorite game, titled “Crazy flushes toilet.” They say names impact behaviors, so Crazy might just be living up to his moniker.

Some commenters pointed out that this scene happened in an episode of the old TV show Arthur. @Lol exclaimed:

“Reminds me of an episode from Arthur where Francine’s cat would do the same thing.😄”

@1stfloorguy empathized with Curt, writing:

“When you think your cat likes you, but he just flushes the toilet all day long, so your water bill says you filled up a pool every month.”

Let’s hope the cat will soon get tired of this surprising and costly habit; otherwise, the bills won’t improve quickly.

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