Pet-friendly lounge chair allowing cat and owner to relax together wins Design Awards

A gifted design duo from Zhengzhou, China, has created a multi-function armchair to appeal to cats and their owners. Named “Sharing Joy lounge chair,” the piece won a prized accolade at the 2022 A’Design Awards in the furniture design category.

Over the past decades, pets have increasingly joined our households as beloved family members. However, accommodating their unique set of requirements can be challenging in many modern homes.

Figuring out how to establish a personal space for cats and their owners within a fair budget is an issue pets owners deal with daily. Designer Zhe Gao found a possible solution to this problem: modulable furniture to accommodate a pet’s routine and habits.

Thus, the creative envisioned a new armchair, comfortable enough for both a cat and its owner. This piece of furniture, Sharing Joy, is large enough to conceal a cat.

The Sharing Joy chair attracts the attention

Sharing Joy chair is a straightforward, geometric, contemporary lounge chair with rounded sides. In the furniture’s back is an O-shaped tunnel destined for a cat.

A’Design reports that this design was inspired by how cats position themselves, curled up in a fetal ball. Due to this chair’s thick and rounded back, a cat can easily squeeze into the space.

Besides, the material is strong enough to resist cat claws. Accordingly, the cat and the owner can sit peacefully on the same chair, a win-win situation.

Zhe Gao appeared to have taken into consideration cats of different temperaments.  To begin, the lounge chair will be a fun and interesting place for cats to hang around.

In addition, Sharing Joy chair is attractive to cats because of the elevated section on the right armrest, which they can utilize as a leaping platform.

This armrest isn’t only a cat jumping board and could be used to rest a drink or a phone when sitting alone. Similarly, the owner can stow materials in the back.

Gao’s efforts in conceiving the multi-functional piece of furniture have paid off. Indeed, she and her collaborator Yougin Song received a prestigious award for their work.

After organizing a contest, A’ Design hailed the innovation of the designers by declaring them as the winners in the furniture design section.

One of the top honors in the field of design, the A’ Design Award and Competition is among the largest, most prominent competitions in the world. People from all nations are welcome to enter and nominate candidates for the annual contest.

Zhe Gao’s merit at the prestigious competition has since been shared on numerous media worldwide, including in her home country China.

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