Cat flushing the toilet increases water bills for owner

A man finds out his cat’s been flushing the toilet all day, racking up a huge water bill

When a man named Curt noticed his water bill increasing month after month, he didn’t immediately get the reason. After all, he wasn’t using more water… but his roommate was: the cat was flushing the toilet over and over. Cats are curious little creatures who love to have new experiences. Most owners have no clue … Read more

Adult cat and kitten, both with black markings that look like masks

Masked cat Zorro now has a son who looks just like him

Zorro, the masked cat that went viral on the internet for his unique facial markings, now has a son who has the mask too. This new kitten is called Bandit. Zorro is a cat owned by Indraini Wahyudin Noor, from Indonesia. His owner calls him Boy, but when he started posting pictures and videos of … Read more

White cat with black spots

Mochi the cat looks like a cow and can transform into anything in his pictures

Mochi is a cat who looks like a cow, as well as many other things. On her Instagram page, his owner likes to have fun taking pictures of him and identifying what other things and animals he reminds her of that day. Meet Mochi Mochi is a black and white male cat who lives in … Read more

A black and white cat with an unusual markings above its nose.

Meet Mostaccioli: the Freddie Mercury lookalike

Cats are born with different fur patterns and their differences make them unique. Mostaccioli, a black-and-white cat, has emerged as the internet’s newest sweetheart, the reason? The fascinating moggy bears a resemblance to the late musician Freddy Mercury. Looking at her perfectly curated Instagram account, you’ll see hundreds of photos that Mostaccioli’s owner, Natalie, has … Read more

An overweight black and white cat.

Meet Keith the adorable cat who looks like a cow

Keith, the black and white cat, has the markings of a cow and his overweight condition doesn’t really help with the comparison. His owner Sarah, who rescued him from the streets while she and her daughter were volunteering at an animal shelter, is happy to lean into the likeness. Keith turned out to be an … Read more