worker find cat in boss's office

Employee summoned to boss’s office finds cat sitting at the desk

A worker was asked to come to the boss’s office in the morning. Worried, the employee opened the executive’s door but found someone else throning at the desk: a black cat with a stern posture. The situation amused the employee so much that he shared his funny experience on social media, eliciting hilarious responses. When … Read more

Old pictures of cat and owners have gone viral

Throwback pictures of a late cat with her then-teenaged owner in the 1980s, melt hearts

A woman’s trip down memory lane is making social media swoon. Photos of mother Lori with the family cat Misty quickly went viral after her daughter Lisa posted them on Reddit. Lisa Drouillard from Taylor, Michigan, found some heartwarming pictures while looking through old photo albums with her grandmother. Her treasured findings include seven photos … Read more

A cat leaps up to catch toilet paper attached to a ceiling fan.

This clever owner created a game to entertain her cat during the summer heat

As temperatures keep rising, pets are trying to survive the boiling heat. During this scorching summer, a creative owner has found an intelligent way to entertain and cool down his cat using home appliances. The video showing a cat’s reaction to the imaginative game has been shared on Reddit. Summer 2022 kicked off with a … Read more

two tabby cats sit on a windowsill.

Warring cats give up fighting to chase a bird instead in this comical clip

Two domestic cats who had been fighting one another made the internet giggle after they put their disagreements aside to concentrate on a bird. Cats are affectionate creatures who can shower owners and friends with love. Yet, they can also be remarkable predators who hunt their targets mercilessly. This list of adversaries includes mice, other … Read more

Cat who eats its neighbors food

Cat exposed for stealing neighbor’s food after worried owner takes him to vet because he won’t eat

A cat stopped eating food for days. Finally, his concerned owner brought him to the veterinary clinic only to learn that the puss was far from starving. The sneaky moggy had just been eating at a different “restaurant”: the neighbor’s house. Cats are known to be gourmets; they are picky eaters. But all felines must … Read more

Two images of a Ragdoll looking at and away from the camera

This cat’s reaction to being left alone will break your heart

The lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic came with many inconveniences, to say the least. But one of the silver linings was that people had the opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones and pets. Some of these pets might have grown too accustomed to this permanent proximity. A video posted online shows … Read more

Cat with medical condition cerebellar hypolasia

Nervysquervies: Showing that cats with medical issues can be happy with loving owners

Nervysquervies is a a place where owners with special needs cats can show off their precious pets. The goal of the subreddit is to help educate people about the medical conditions and disabilities that cats can be born with, or indeed acquire throughout their lives. These include cereballer hyposplasia, a neurological congential condition that can … Read more

Workplace cats spark HR incident over whether the ‘simple’ one can be made ‘smarter’

A cat lover sought the advice of others last year, detailing an issue they had with a co-worker regarding the management of their two workplace cats, Jean and Jorts. Jean, a female tortoiseshell, had been with the company for a number of years at the time of the Reddit post. The original poster, or OP … Read more