A man welcomes a stray kitten who soon brings her five newborn kittens

When a stray feline enters his home, a man thinks he is helping her by giving her shelter, but he doesn’t expect the cat to come back with a whole litter in tow!

It all begins when a stray tabby kitten finds its way into a man’s home through the cat flap. This stray must have had great intuition because she chose the best possible benefactor.

Vincent, the house owner and avid animal lover discovered the furry visitor but made sure not to scare her.  He attempted to approach her slowly, but the tabby cat seemed to be hunting for something.

Spotting Vincent, the feline appeared somewhat anxious about the situation and ran away. However, to Vincent’s surprise, the puss was back a few minutes later.

And she brought some company along. Tala, which is what Vincent ultimately decided to call the tomcat, returned with a little kitten in her jaws.

A thoughtful Vincent made a warm bed for both cats so that they could get comfortable and have some rest.

It’s a kitten’s invasion

Then again, Vincent was taken aback when Tala did not stay in the basket.  Instead, she dropped her kitten inside the bed and moved on.

Shortly after, the tabby passed through the cat flap once more, carrying a black kitten, which she placed in the basket before dashing outside.

She repeated this back-and-forth routine, going back to retrieve her other kittens. At the end of her runs, a litter of five tiny kittens was nestled in the basket, sleeping comfortably.

Following an exhaustive exercise, Tala was relieved to reach her destination and find a place to rest, eat, and drink. She understood now that her kittens were all safe and that she had made the right decision regarding their new home.

And she was absolutely correct.

A fresh start for the tabby cat and her children

Because Vincent could not properly care for such a large number of kittens on his alone, he turned to his network of friends and acquaintances who were involved in animal rescue. These people were able to locate a suitable foster home thanks to Friends for Life RescueNetwork.

The kittens were given the names Maui, Moana, Neilani, Ohana, and Kiko when their adoptive parents, Kaitlyn and Sam, took in the entire family.

After having the opportunity to spend time with their mother in Sam and Kaitlyn’s home, all kitties found homes. As expected, Vincent was very satisfied with the positive outcome.

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