Game developer creates game inspired by their cat

An independent game developer created a game inspired by their own cat, and when it releases, it’s sure to take the internet by storm.

About 28 days ago, Reddit user u/wegotyoup, also known as youpiepoopie, posted their first announcement about a cat-themed game about their cat Mosey. They posted a video trailer for the game along with a caption that said:

“My cat Mosey inspired me to make a game about him because I’m always out looking for him.”

The new game is called Finding Mosey, and it is an adventure game where you play as the character who is searching for Mosey out in the world. Once released, it will be available on Steam, where the description says:

“Find your cat Mosey, choosing your degree of destruction and dedication. Fight, sneak, or talk your way into new areas and upgrade your character along the way as the search gets messy. Loot ridiculous items and discover hidden stories that help you explore this open world.”

Mosey the muse

The Reddit community loved the idea, and they showed it in the comment section. In response, youpiepoopie thanked everyone and posted a picture of the original Mosey, who looked very grateful too.

According to youpiepoopie, Mosey contributed a lot to the creation of the game. In addition to providing the inspiration and the cat voice acting, he liked to sit on his owner’s speaker and watch while they worked.

The game took youpiepoopie about a year to make, including all the music and sounds they produced for the game. They had made other games before, so they knew what they were doing, but this game was their favorite. No wonder, since the subject is so near and dear to their heart.

Cool cat features

The people who replied loved how the game looks. It’s visually stunning, and the world looks so fun to explore. One of the features that people are most excited about is that the character can pet any cat they come across in the game.

A few users also pointed out that the fighting mechanics of the game were a little bloody. It’s definitely not for the more sensitive players, but youpiepoopie explained:

“I like the contrast of cute and destructive. I guess kinda like a cat.”

That makes sense. Cats are so adorable, but they can also be very fierce!

The game will be released in January 2023. For now, everyone who is interested can spread the word and add it to their wishlists. We hope that Finding Mosey will be a great success and makes Mosey proud.

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