This one-eyed kitten’s personality shines bright after finding a loving home

This year in Washington, D.C, City Dogs and City Kitties Rescue reached out to foster Jen about a cat with a damaged eye. This one-eyed kitten was in desperate need of help. 

She rose to the task without hesitation. Jen drove to pick up the kitten at the emergency vet, where they had removed a ruptured cornea.

This brave kitten survived surgery and now had to learn to adapt to life with one eye. The kitten was named Uno.

Uno comes home to heal

She brought him home at six weeks old and 1.5 pounds. Entering this new environment, Uno was nervous and scared.

He needed a lot of reassurance and tender loving care post-surgery. Jen’s spouse Ian provided additional support and encouragement. His presence provided a sense of added comfort and protection for the one-eyed kitten.

Over the next several days, Uno began to love the advantages and privileges of indoor living.

Making friends

His foster parents adapted quickly to scheduled meals, cozy bedding, and lots of belly rubs. He adjusted well to navigating the waters of forming new relationships with some other foster cats.

Jen helped in the process by carrying him close to her chest. With this repeated routine, Uno eventually grew comfortable enough and ventured out on his own, exploring the rooms with other cats, and observing their antics from a distance.

One of the other resident cats, Hagrid, befriended Uno to show him the ropes. He acted as a friend and mentor for Uno.

Second surgery

Within a couple of weeks, Uno required a second surgery due to eye issues from the incision site. In the follow-up surgery, the surgeon wanted to be sure to remove everything to avoid any chance of future infection.

Hence, Uno was left with an endearing little ‘pirate smile’ and sneer. With adequate time his ‘pirate smile’ will lessen as he heals and the skin stretches. 

But for now, Uno has an adorable yet mischievous grin and he’s thriving in his foster home.

Since his second surgery, Uno has been doing well, and his foster mates have done a great job making sure he’s part of the crew. They share plenty of cuddles, playtime, and naps together. 

Uno has healed up well and no longer has issues with his eye, he does have asthma but it is managed with an inhaler.  

Overcoming obstacles

Despite Uno’s issues, his personality has shined through, his foster parents note that he displays so much joy wherever he goes.

Nothing can slow down this one-eyed kitten, he loves zooming around the house and playing with his foster buddies.

Uno is energetic, silly, and adorable. He has a lovable and endearing personality any future pet parent would be lucky to have in their home.

Final thoughts

Despite a rough start in his young life, Uno, the one-eye kitten, has learned to adapt and thrive in his new environment. Thanks to loving and caring foster parents, this injured kitten was able to heal and learn to let go. 

Now his outgoing personality shines through for all to see and enjoy. Uno is available for adoption and searching for his forever home. 

You can follow his adventures with his other foster buddies on Instagram

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