Amused social media viewers react to a cat unwilling to let its owner make their bed in peace

In a viral TikTok post with over 10 million views, a Ragdoll cat named Albus Dumblepaw (@neontacoat) playfully entertains its owner. In the short clip, the owner attempts to make their bed to no avail.

As a cat owner, you are privy to the many delights of cat ownership. Living with cats can have its challenges, whether you are cleaning up hairballs, removing cat fur from clothing, or accepting the inability to make your bed in under five minutes.

Bed making antics

Hence, Albus, the ragdoll cat, demonstrates this ordeal oh so perfectly. As seen in the viral video clip, the owner has already managed to secure the fitted sheet on the mattress.

However, the typical household routine is interrupted when Albus appears on the scene.In natural sassy cat fashion, the handsome cat sees its owner enter the room towards the bed.

Then the cat proceeds to crab walk in a semi-circle on the bed. This kitty means business with its back arched, hair poofed up, and a narrow gaze.

There won’t be any bed-making now. The cat’s efforts deter the owner, and they retreat for a moment before laughing.

The crafty kitty accepts his victory, sits on the edge of the bed, and licks its paw. Mission accomplished.

Oh, the joys of pet ownership

Animals bring so much joy and entertainment, even when you least expect it. Regardless, most pet owners take their animals’ crazy antics all in stride.

It’s part of the joy of being a pet parent, and this instance proves no different. Entertained social media followers reacted online.

Viewers react

I have a kitten who does exactly the same it takes so long to even change the bed covers as he thinks everything is one big game

Glad to know it’s not only my cat who arches her back-Mollythegreat01

AHHHH. so funny. Your cat is bonkers but cute. -Karen Mcewan


Reply to @direstraits11 a spicy crab

♬ Crab Rave – Noisestorm

I have 2 and this is a daily thing- Michelle

Why do cats always wanna square up on the bed? – Candice Umi Yuki

He got embarrassed after lmaoooo – Kabie B

You can follow Albus Dumblepaw and his antics on Tik Tok.

Did this funny story resonate with you? Have you been in the same situation as this cat owner?

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