A tomcat desperately clinging to the roof of a building is rescued

Cats excel in acrobatics. On the other hand, they also have a propensity to get themselves into dangerous situations, requiring their owners or onlookers to seek aid from a third party.

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, a calico housecat caused a big commotion in an Indian residential area. The event occurred in the bustling district of Belagavi, southwest India.

As usual, this feline wanted to go out, so he opted for one of his favorite itineraries: the building’s rooftop. Because he’d always returned home unscathed from his previous explorations, his owners didn’t mind.

However, this time was unlike the others. The kitten’s frantic meows soon alerted the building residents.

A look outside made everyone realize the puss was in a bad posture. He was now stuck in an unstable position on a balcony’s edge.

Therefore, the cat owner’s children were concerned that their furry companion might fall to the ground.

Many locals witnessing the scene rushed to aid the feline, but it was insufficient. At one time, a courageous man named Avdhoot went as close as possible to the kitty, but his efforts were for naught in the end.

As the man approached the cat, the frightened kitten chose to jump in the air. On the way down, a railing, fortunately, stopped his fall when the cat miraculously landed on it.

Varun Karkannis, who works for the charity BAWA to preserve animals, also intervened to solve the issue. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, they could not rescue the trapped animal.

A tricky but successful rescue

Subsequently, the house owner decided to notify the fire department, which arrived in the quarter. It should not come as a surprise that the fire department’s participation began to affect the situation.

The rescue workers stretched their telescopic ladder to reach the cat. Once they had him, the fire rescue team placed the pet inside a cage and carefully lowered it to the ground below.

The kitten was luckily unharmed, but the incident had understandably left him a bit shaken up. But his scary experience would soon be eased by the royal treatment he would receive from his family and neighbors.

As expected, the building’s children carefully followed every moment of the nerve-wracking rescue and were elated to see the cat free at last. Moreover, the building owners and the entire community celebrated the fearless firefighters.

Besides, this stout rescue made it into the pages of the local newspaper Times of India.

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