Smiling sisters pull through illness and make it through foster care together

A calico kitten named “Pumpkin” and her dalmatian kitten sister named “Spice” both survived severe illness all because they had each other.

Pumpkin and Spice were brought to the shelter suffering from upper respiratory infections and cloudy eyes. Poor Pumpkin was very sick and frail and held tight to her spotted sister for comfort.

Thoa Bui, co-founder of the nonprofit neonatal kitten rescue Mini Cat Town, knew that these girls needed specialized care in the comfort of a foster home and took them in.

Rocky road to recovery

The two kittens were extremely sick, and Bui wasn’t sure if they would pull through. Pumpkin’s first few nights in foster care were especially touch-and-go.

Still, Bui tried her best to offer the Pumpkin several days of intensive care until she finally began to perk up. Spice was doing a lot better after just a few days.

Her eyes and lethargy cleared, and she was acting more like a healthy kitten. She was right by her sister’s side, encouraging her to heal and get moving as Pumpkin got better.

Spice’s encouragement helped Pumpkin to keep up at the same pace as Spice’s recovery. Pumpkin’s eyes began making progress, and she was plumping up too.

“After about a week, while their eyes were still being treated, they started feeling better. We knew they would be okay once we saw them eating on their own and playing with each other,” Bui told Love Meow. “Their newfound energy and playfulness is a far cry from their arrival, when they were feeling so sick, sleeping a lot. Their eye treatment regiment was tough on them. We’re so proud of them for their perseverance.”

Pumpkin’s right eye had cleared up well, but her left one stayed a bit clouded. Bui wasn’t sure that it would ever heal.

“Just when we thought all hope was lost for Pumpkin’s left eye, it started clearing up. Overnight, the cloudiness almost disappeared,” she said.

Now that the girls are able to play, they still are inseparable, spending almost every waking minute together. Spice has become an adventurous kitty that encourages Pumpkin to explore and have fun.

Pumpkin is eager to follow Spice’s lead. You’ll always find Spice with a big grin on her face, with Pumpkin following suit to try and match her energy.

Growing sisters

“The girls are quite bonded after going through so much together and we can’t wait to find them a forever home once they are ready. Spice is super outgoing and loves to play. Pumpkin is a little more shy,” Bui said. “Pumpkin is starting to become more friendly and playful because she watches and follows Spice.”

Pumpkin and Spice are still in the care of Mini Cat Town. You can follow Mini Cat Town on Facebook and Instagram.

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