A woman helps a feral cat, and its remarkable transformation delights social media

An Instagram post published in May captivated the attention of viewers when a young woman shared her journey assisting a feral cat outside. With patience, love, and kindness, the cat blossomed into a loveable puss who now calls her place home.

Meet Pumpkin, the feral cat.

In October 2020, a woman found a feral cat later named Pumpkin. After having fed another orange feral cat for some time, she proceeded to extend her kindness to help another cat.

In the viral video post, Pumpkin, the feral cat, appeared underweight. The cat had managed to survive the elements outdoors.

The kindhearted woman would leave cans of food for the feral feline despite the cold, sleet, and snow. Pumpkin avoided getting close to the woman until the day it saw her interact with another fellow feral feline.

As the video progresses and time lapses, you can see the slow transformation of Pumpkin’s behavior from timid to lovable. The cat made slow strides letting its guard down around the woman.

Little by little, the curious cat made some effort and small advances to greet the woman by waiting at her front door. Eventually, the woman managed to get close enough to pet Pumpkin.

And the cat returned the friendly gesture with head butts against the woman’s legs. Together their bond grew over several months.

They even survived a Texas snowstorm. Pumpkin grew very fond of the woman and attached to her.

It was not long before it was time to move Pumpkin indoors. Now the puss and the woman have formed an inseparable family bond.

Fans reactions

The popular video garnered over 419,000 likes on Instagram to the delight of viewers. Animal lovers and fans chimed in with their thoughts.

One commenter wrote, “This is such a great story and so important. There are so many innocent stray animals out there, and most of them aren’t used to human contact being positive, so show them differently, have patience, and HELP THEM! “

Another fan stated, “This is such a beautiful story. You gave her time and space. It’s all we need sometimes.”

Final thoughts

Thanks to one woman’s kindness, patience, and loving touch, this feral cat learned to trust in humans and gain a second chance at a different life. You can follow Pumpkin’s adventures with her family on Instagram.

What did you think of this touching story? Do you help stray and feral animals?

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