gray cat with bowtie

A woman helps a feral cat, and its remarkable transformation delights social media

An Instagram post published in May captivated the attention of viewers when a young woman shared her journey assisting a feral cat outside. With patience, love, and kindness, the cat blossomed into a loveable puss who now calls her place home. Meet Pumpkin, the feral cat. In October 2020, a woman found a feral cat … Read more

feral ginger cat

This feral cat transformed after encountering one special woman with a loving touch

In a heartwarming post on YouTube, a woman named Amber shares her journey of how tending to the needs of a timid feral cat changed her life. Feral cats Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. There is a difference between feral cats and stray or indoor cats. According to, the most significant … Read more