Half blind feral cat sleeps in a pile of leaves until he is rescued

Morpheus, a half-blind semi-feral long-haired orange cat, spent his nights sleeping in piles of leaves for comfort. Now, that he’s been rescued he snuggles up on a cozy couch

Morpheus was found living on the streets. His neighbors would give him food and water, but the cat was in obvious need of medical attention.

Neighbors reached out to Little Wanderers NYC who were able to capture the kitty and bring him to safety.

Needing help

Though Morpheus was a little standoffish. Living on the streets, he wasn’t used to being so close to humans but was willing to let them aid him.

Maybe he knew he needed their help.

Morpheus was unable to fully open his eyes due to an abnormality in his eyelid which made it hard for him to see properly.

“He was born with a condition called eyelid entropion in which part of his eyelid was folded in towards his eyeball, in both eyes,” Little Wanderers NYC told with Love Meow. “This folded eyelid scratched and irritated the surface of both of his eyes, and he required ophthalmic surgery to repair the condition.”

Morpheus was half bline and FIV positive. But his rescuers could see that he was a survivor and was ready for a new life.

Morpheus was brought to foster parent who had lots of experience. He got his very own room where he could relax. Morpheus had all the food he wanted and soft cozy things to lie on.

He was a very happy guy in his new foster home. There he began to heal from his respiratory infection while he prepared for surgery.

“After surgery and lots of vetting, he convalesced and made a great recovery. He looks like a different cat.”

Morpheus was now pain-free and could see much better. He was also safe from the elements and didn’t have to worry about how he was going to eat.

Morpheus even got to make friends with the other cat in the house.

“He gets along with other cats and loves to seek them out. Morpheus is also really into wet food. It will be gone before you even blink,” Morpheus’ foster mom Monica said. “He is playful, gentle and wants so desperately to be loved and fit in. He has come such a long way being inside.”

Morpheus was eventually adopted along with another cat named Keke. The brothers hid under the couch in their new home for a little while but eventually made the new house their home.

“(One night), I woke up to the sounds of Morpheus having a midnight party (playing with toys). Week three started with Morpheus spending time on the couch instead of under it,” Monica said Instagram.

His throne

Now the antique red couch is Morpheus’ “throne.”

“Now he lives happily ever after. Instead of sleeping on leaves and trash, he sleeps on antique red couches and has become a very happy, chubby, mush ball,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

Follow Morpheus’ story on Instagram @monicafrancisclare.

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