Abandoned kitten refuses to let her humans leave her side so she’s never alone again

When Uno, a feral kitten, was separated from her mother at 5-weeks-old she struggled to survive all alone in the world. So, when rescued, she refused to leave her human’s side and be alone again.

Marlena, of Be Their Voice Animal Rescuer in Atlanta, GA, rushed to pick up Uno when she got a tip about the lonely kitten. Uno was filthy, emaciated, and starving for something to eat when she was found.

The poor kitty suckled on her rescuer’s finger all the way to one of the organization’s closest foster homes. They wanted to get food into Uno right away.

Never alone

Uno immediately sucked down about 30 ounces of kitten formula within 20 minutes. The dilute calico was then bottle-fed every four hours.

Poor Uno was traumatized from her experience and would shriek as loud as she could whenever she was left alone. Even if just for a moment.

When her humans returned, she would quickly climb onto their shoulders to get cozy. Uno loved to suckle on her foster mom’s ears and always stayed as close as she could get to her.

Uno needed to be held and cuddled at all times. Eventually, Uno was able to eat from a dish and began growing strong.

Uno was soon bursting with energy and loved to tackle her toys and zoom around her room. Uno had become quite the confident and adventurous kitty.

“Since day one, she has been a sassy, strong survivor. Her will to live is unmatched and incredible to experience. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to rescue her,” Marlena said.

New friends and forever family

The growing Uno was ready to make friends and became besties with a tabby named Tess. The two kitties loved to cuddle together.

They formed such a strong bond that their foster didn’t want to separate them, so they were adopted into a forever home together.

This way Uno wouldn’t have to go through being separated from her loved ones again. Uno and Tess also got another sister named Bessie. But Uno kind of runs things in this trio.

“[Uno] is a princess and is always the first to eat, and the others just let her. She used to be the one following the others around, and now she is a leader. She still likes to suckle but we give her a blankie now,” Marlena said.

Uno and her sisters are thriving in their forever home thanks to the efforts of organizations like Be Their Voice Animal Rescue. Learn more about Be Their Voice Animal Rescue on Facebook.

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