After taking her car in for a service a woman is shocked to discover three kittens living in the engine!

In the Spring of this year, a woman who had taken her vehicle in for maintenance got a shocking phone call from the auto technician. The technician discovered three 7-week-old kittens living under the hood of her car!

In a video posted by Fox2News Detroit, car owner Jillian Shay was shocked to learn that three kittens had been living under the hood of her car.

Jillian befriended an female stray cat named Shiva last year near her home. Just two days before getting this surprising call, Jillian explained that she suspected Shiva had been pregnant and told the cat:

“You need to bring me your kittens, Mama.”

However, she did not expect Shiva to do so in this fashion.

A surprise under the hood

Jillian had driven her car a short 15 minutes away to the Ziebert auto shop in Michigan for maintenance. However, this routine maintenance trip was not your average service.

Engines are known to purr but not literally, Zac Shaw recalls checking underneath the car and hearing meowing sounds.

He proceeded to check out the vehicle with a flashlight, upon doing so, he could see several sets of little eyes and teeth looking back at him.

With patience, a steady hand, and the help of his team, the auto technician removed the kittens from the engine compartment without incident. It is not known how long the kittens were living in the vehicle.

Fortunately, the three kittens had no injuries and were in good condition.

Kittens reunited with their mom

Jillian brought the three kittens back to her home and reunited them with Shiva, she set up a little house on her back porch for the felines.

The cats have a much more comfortable environment to live in now. The mother cat Shiva and her babies have been there ever since.

Jillian’s goal is to have both the mother cat and all her kittens adopted and find their forever homes.

Three tabby kittens sleeping together in a box.
Three 7-week-old-kittens recovered from the engine compartment take a much-needed rest after being rescued. Pic credit: @Fox2Detroit/ Website

Wrap up

A standard vehicle maintenance trip turned into a full-on kitten rescue mission. Luckily, the gentle and patient hands of an auto shop worker combined with the compassion of a cat lover working together made for a successful operation.

These 7-week-old kittens living under a car’s hood are now safe and comfortably reunited with their mother.

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