This sweet five-week-old stray kitten was discovered in the tire wheel of a parked car

While in the streets of Brooklyn, a woman discovered a five-week-old stray kitten in the tire wheel of a parked car. When Dana, a fosterer for Brooklyn Animal Action, went to get a trap to retrieve the cat safely, the kitten escaped from her hiding place and walked right up to her.

After double-checking to see if there was any evidence of a mama cat around or siblings, she realized this cute tabby kitten was all alone.

Stray kitten gets a little T.L.C.

Dana swaddled the kitten in cloth and placed her in a cat carrier. Then, she proceeded to take her home for some tender loving care.

The kitten, who she later named Ginny, was dirty and covered with engine oil on a portion of her body. After giving the tiny kitten a thorough bath and getting her clean, Ginny became more relaxed and at ease.

This adorable little furball loved all the attention and affection from her foster mama. Despite her tiny size, she was pretty adventurous and curious, she loved to climb and explore.

In particular, this tabby cat’s favorite spot in the house was on her foster mom’s shoulder. Dana and Ginny created quite a special bond.

This sweet tabby cat grew to be quite lovable and affectionate, but as a foster mom, Dana had two cats of her own and limited space and resources.

She knew she would not be able to adopt Ginny and realized giving up this stray kitten for adoption would be tough.

Forever home found

Fortunately, it was not long before she found the perfect forever home for Ginny with another solo cat looking for a home, who was currently in the care of the Brooklyn Animal Action organization.

Ginny met and bonded with her new sibling effortlessly, together the two cats were adopted and able to start a new chapter with a loving family.

You can follow Dana and her fostering adventures on her Instagram page.

A gray tabby kitten lying down on a white blanket.
Ginny resting comfortably in her foster home. Pic Credit: @danaandthecats/Instagram

Final thoughts

Ginny was able to get the help she needed, create a special bond and find her forever home in the process. Fostering kittens saves and changes lives for both humans and felines.

Visit the Brooklyn Animal Actions website to learn more about how you can help stray cats and foster them.

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