This woman started wearing a fake beard to trick her cat into liking her

When we last checked in with married couple Lindsey and Drew, Lindsey was competing with their cat Roswell for her husband’s love

The Dodo has now shared a new video that explores Lindsey’s latest ploy to leave the life of a third wheel behind; wear a fake beard and trick Roswell into thinking she’s Drew.

It’s all in the beard

Once Lindsey realized that Drew was Roswell’s favorite and she had been left out in the cold, she started trying to understand why Roswell preferred her husband.

After observing the two during many cuddle sessions she was not invited to, Lindsey realized that Roswell seemed very drawn to Drew’s thick facial hair and enjoyed nuzzling up against it. She shares in the video: 

“I came to the conclusion that I think Drew’s beard has something to do with why he prefers him.”

Following this epiphany, Lindsey realized what she needed to win this tug of war of love between her, her cat, and her husband: a beard.

A cunning plan

Growing some luscious chin hair wasn’t possible for Lindsey, so she decided to head for the costume shop.  

In the video, she is seen checking out several fake beards, she dismisses a few of the choices on offer before finally settling on the dubiously named ‘Hungover Beard’. 

Once her purchase has been made she heads home to find out what Roswell thinks of her new look. However, she poses for a few hilarious selfies before she shows off her new facial hair to the hard-to-please kitty.

A woman poses into front of her phone wearing a fake beard.
Lindsey is ready to fool Roswell! Pic credit: The Dodo/Youtube


Curious to see if her ruse will have the desired reaction, Lindsey lies down on the couch wearing her new thick beard and waits to see if Roswell will take the bait.

Shockingly he does! No sooner has Lindsey put her new facial hair on display, than Roswell appears and begins to nuzzle into the fake beard, clearly enjoying the new furry addition to Lindsey’s chin!

However, the kitty gets a shock when Drew walks into the room and Roswell realizes that he has been duped! The cat’s eyes go wide as it hits him that he has been nuzzling with a beard imposter and not his beloved Drew!

Two beards are better than one

After recovering from Lindsey’s duplicity, Roswell seems to decide that two beards are better than one and showers Lindsey in love and affection when she dons the fake hair piece.

Lindsey is delighted that her plan has worked and shares:

“I think that I have unlocked a certain cheat code.”

The video shows Lindsey finally getting the attention from Roswell that she has longed for, and at last getting to be a part of kitty cuddle sessions.

She shares her optimism that Roswell is finally warming to her, saying:

“I’m still side-chick material right now but I think the more comfortable he gets with the idea, he’s gonna promote me, I’m gonna level up.”

A cat snuggles up to a woman wearing a fake beard.
Roswell loves Lindsey’s new look! Pic credit: The Dodo/Youtube

All good things

Unfortunately once Lindsey takes off her fake beard she discovers that all good things do in fact come to an end.

She realizes to her dismay that as soon as she removes her fake beard, Roswell loses interest in her. 

Questioning how she can get back into his good books, she asks the kitty:

“I’ll put the beard back on, will that make you like me?

Determined to maintain the bond that she has created with Roswell, Lindsey explains that she will do whatever it takes to regain his affection, saying:

“I can get different styles of beards, if I have to have a whole tub of beards I will.”

The video ends with an adorable surprise!

Lindsey shares that she has made Roswell his very own kitty-sized beard!

A bearded man and a cat and a woman wearing fake beards cuddle together.
The whole bearded family snuggling together! Pic credit: The Dodo/Youtube
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