A couple turns their cat figurine collection into a museum and donates the proceeds to shelters

A cat-loving couple is gaining attention in Wisconsin, United States, the pair has slowly amassed a staggering collection of cat figurines that is on its way to achieving a Guinness World Record.

To say Shawn Redner and Hilary Siegel-Redner love cats is an understatement, the couple from Menomonee Falls has rescued 21 cats from the streets or shelters.

Additionally, the Winsconsin residents have collected thousands of cat figurines from thrift stores, they started buying figurines in 2018.

Quite a collection

Within a short period, their home has been transformed into an open museum, by the year 2020, their bounty was estimated to total up to four thousand figurines.

This impressive amount didn’t damper Shawn and Hilary’s enthusiasm, on the contrary, after the couple had finished transforming their garage, they added an additional three thousand trinkets to their massive collection.

Even more surprising is that the collectors own another five thousand items in storage on top of the figurines in their house.

Donations from the events are given to homeless shelters. Although Shawn and Hilary purchased many figurines in thrift shops and garage sales, a big part of the collection came from generous donors.

When word got out about the couple’s endearing hobby, random people worldwide started to send in cat miniatures of their own.

The Redner’s Rescued Cat Figurine Mewseum is born

While going through the collection in January, Shawn had a lightbulb moment, the man suggested they display the gigantic assortment and raise funds for local cat rescue organizations simultaneously.

Hilary was admittedly doubtful at first, but she indulged her husband, she told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“I was a little skeptical, but then I started helping him collect and go out and find all the cats, and I thought it was cool”

For a good cause

Every third Sunday of the month, Shawn and Hilary host tours at their home. Afterward, the resulting money is given to the local animal shelters.

Since the museum opened its doors in August 2020, the couple has donated approximately $2,000 to several local shelters.

Despite their time-consuming hobby, the couple still holds regular jobs. After working all day as a producer of surface treating appliances, Shawn dedicates a few hours to curating the museum’s collection.

His objective is to surpass the current record for the most extensive cat figurines stash. Furthermore, Redner has big plans for the museum’s future, including relocating it to a standalone structure and opening an adoption facility for cats. Shawn shared:

“I gotta leave something of my life. Why not be in the Guinness Book of World Records,”

Apart from their porcelain cats, Shawn and his wife are proud owners of eight real cats of their own.

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