Amused Tik Tok viewers respond after seeing this cat’s reaction to her owner’s Halloween decor.

There is a saying that kids do the darndest things. Well, felines are no different.

In a hilarious Tik Tok clip posted September 22nd, a woman records a quirky moment intended for her family.

The amused woman under the profile name @scoutymcscoutserson, is seen navigating through her home from the dining room into the sunroom area of her home.

Cat’s reaction to decor

As she enters her spacious enclosed sunroom, you can see the cat owner has already started decorating her house with Halloween-themed decor, including a skeleton.

Being in full swing in October, it’s common for many Americans to opt-in to participate in the Halloween festivities. Many people go above and beyond to celebrate this holiday, from trick or treating with children to wearing costumes and attending parades.

In the Tik Tok clip, the cat owner moves closer with the phone camera lens to zoom in on her discovery. Her chunky ginger cat is sitting in the lap of her decorative skeleton propped sitting on a plaid cushioned chair, clothed in a blue T-shirt and jeans.

Don’t tell that to the cat, though! She knows no difference, nor does she appear to care.


One brain cell. She has one brain cell.

♬ original sound – SBR

As a cat lover, you are very familiar with the preferred activities a cat enjoys. Aside from basking in the glory of sunlight beams, receiving delectable treats, or making biscuits, cats also enjoy a nice cozy lap to sit on.

Apparently, a beating heartbeat and pulse are not required.

Viewers reactions

The amused woman captured this comical moment and has recently received over 3.6 million views. How did viewers respond to this cat’s reaction to the festive decor?

Entertained and delighted viewers had plenty to say in the comment section on the social media platform.

A skeleton makes for a good lap partner. Pic Credit:@Sabina Music Rich on Unsplash

“[It] reinforces my suspicion that cats are just using us. Lap? Check. Doesn’t move? Check. Pulse? Who cares” – correntejunk

“She’s like ‘why are you not petting me” – jennanha

“It’s a lap that doesn’t need to get up. It just needs a heating pad or a sunbeam and it would be perfect”. – JJ

“Keep Mr. Skeleton all year long, dress him up through holidays and special occasions 😂 cat won’t know the difference”. – Dman98

“Cats thinking, ‘[T]his is the boniest lap I’ve ever sat on, but they don’t move so I’ll stay’ [Y]ou should add padding to lap lol.” – Christi Barker992

Final thoughts

Pets are the ultimate gift. Not only do they provide unconditional love, but they also provide endless ways to amuse, entertain and lift one’s spirits.

Did this story make you laugh today? What did you think of this cat’s reaction to the skeleton?

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