orange ginger cat

This woman’s conversation with her talking cat is a hit on social media

Meet talking cat Monroe! This orange tabby is a darling on social media and known for his quirky “meow” responses to his mom on Tik Tok. Cat communication As pet owners, our pets are family and use different ways to communicate. Cats utilize various methods to communicate with their humans. From slow blinks and head … Read more

Cat's reaction to toy leaves Twitter cackling

Cat’s unimpressed reaction to new electronic toy has netizens giggling

The owners of Tabby cat believed that by surprising their feline with a new interactive toy, they would delight him. However, the animal’s reaction was less than thrilling. After the cat owner posted the cat’s response to the gift on Twitter, users’ reactions to the clip on Twitter ranged from enjoyment to outright hilarity. Cats … Read more

Scottish fold hugs puppy in sweet video

This video of a Scottish fold kitten cradling a drowsy puppy will make your day

It wouldn’t be the internet if a day passed without a moggy doing something adorable and completely endearing. This time, it’s the interaction between a grey cat and a ginger puppy that has enchanted netizens. A pet owner uploaded a video of the kitten rocking the tiny puppy to sleep on Twitter. Cute beyond words! … Read more

Kitten's confusion with sparkling water delights Tiktok

Kitten captivated by bottle of sparkling water charms Tiktok

More than two million people worldwide have been captivated by a Tiktok clip that shows a cat finding a novelty:  a bottle of sparkling water. The cat’s fascination with the bottle had viewers amused. The video has gained widespread attention and made many people laugh out loud. Laurie Baltazar is the proud owner of a … Read more

orange cat

Amused Tik Tok viewers respond after seeing this cat’s reaction to her owner’s Halloween decor.

There is a saying that kids do the darndest things. Well, felines are no different. In a hilarious Tik Tok clip posted September 22nd, a woman records a quirky moment intended for her family. The amused woman under the profile name @scoutymcscoutserson, is seen navigating through her home from the dining room into the sunroom … Read more

gray and white cat in cage

This sassy cat gets adopted one day after a witty post about his availability for adoption goes viral on Facebook

Meet the cat with a lot of extra sass and spice – Spicy Chicken Nugget. In a viral Facebook post, this crafty feline garnered the attention of thousands of followers of the Humane Society of Harlingen. He ended up getting adopted in record time. Meet Spicy Chicken Nugget On July 17th, a cleverly crafted post informing … Read more