An adopted cat and a house bunny became the best of friends

A little gray kitten named Ahsoka was adopted by Ryanne and Jake Palermo and as soon as she joined the family she developed an incredible bond with their house bunny Echo.

The adorable antics of Ahsoka and Echo have been lighting up social media, with people flocking to their Instagram account to see this sweet bunny and kitten friendship blossom.

Instant connection

Ahsoka was twelve weeks old when she and her sibling were adopted by the Palermos, they joined a household that already had several other cats and one pampered bunny living there. 

Despite living in a feline full house, Echo was immediately drawn to Ahsoka. Much to the joy and surprise of Ryanne and Jake the friendly bunny and curious kitten began to play together and seemed to love each other’s company.

Fast friends

Love Meow who reported the sweet story, spoke to Ryanne Palermo about the unusual friendship that developed between her two pets. 

Palermo shared that Echo had always been ‘the boss of the house’ and that the couple was concerned when they adopted two new kittens, fearing that Echo would hassle them. 

And so, she was delighted when she saw Echo and Ahsoka playing together on the first day they met, clearly becoming fast friends.

A special bond 

Describing the special bond that exists between Echo and Ahsoka, Ryanne told Love Meow:

“I think Echo felt protective of Ahsoka. She’s the only one of all the cats he likes, and he liked her from the beginning.

He would allow her to sleep in his cage, and many times they end up snuggling in his bed together.”

The unique bond that had developed between the kitten and rabbit was further deepened when Ahsoka’s sibling whom she had adopted with, died suddenly due to health complications.

According to Ryanne, Ahsoka was devastated by the loss, she watched the kitten refuse food and lose her energetic spark.

During this sad time, it was the comfort and care given to her by Echo that kept the little kitten going.

The love is clear

With the Echo’s support, Ahsoka began to regain her positive energy and the pair started having endearing adventures together, including taking cuddle naps in sunbeams and playfully chasing each other around the garden.

Ryanne shared with Love Meow:

“They are best friends and there’s clear love between them. She loves being in his vicinity, and she’s the only one Echo allows to snuggle with him,” 

The sweet bond between Echo and Ahsoka has helped to remind people that the most beautiful friendships can blossom anywhere. 

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