A couple holds a funeral for their cat only for the kitty to reappear the next day!

Danielle and Sam Smith from Birmingham, England, buried their beloved cat Lucky’s body after he was struck by a car. So imagine their shock when the feline showed up the following day!

Lucky, an 11-month-old cat, was very naughty according to his owners. The feline often tried to get into people’s houses, prompting his owners to regularly ask friends if anyone had spotted the wandering moggy somewhere.

On May 11th, Lucky was found dead on the road next to a neighbor’s yard, the neighbor contacted the Smiths, as she thought it might be their pet.

Sam, a landscaper, went to the neighbor’s home to identify the dead feline, he found a kitten with very similar markings to Lucky’s.

He brought “Lucky’s body” home in a potato sack. His wife, Danielle, a retail clerk, understandably couldn’t hold back her tears when she learned about her pet’s passing.

She recalled her dramatic reaction:

“I was in the shower, and he came in the bathroom, looked me in the eye, and said, ‘It’s Lucky.’ I broke down and fell down.”

Sam tried to stop his wife from looking at the body, but she wanted closure. So, Danielle opened the sack, and from the neck down the cat’s body and the markings looked similar to Lucky’s, confirming her husband’s announcement.

Afterward, the couple decided to bury their pet in their garden. To commemorate the pussy cat, they improvised a tombstone reading ‘RIP Lucky.’

They didn’t see that coming

The following day, an emotional Danielle was at work when she received an unexpected message around 10.30 PM, informing her that Lucky was very much alive.

The text included a picture, as Danielle explained to the Mirror:

” I got a Snapchat, and there was my Lucky eating his food and laying in my bed cleaning himself. I burst into tears with happiness.”

As Danielle felt an immense relief, it also hit her that she had just buried someone’s cat. She kept thinking:

“which cat’s blood did I have all over my hands, and whose cat did I mourn.”

The Birmingham resident found the whole experience both amusing and embarrassing, given the state of mind they were all in at the time. She explained:

“It’s still a mystery to me. It was a harrowing experience over the course of the weekend.”

The couple’s friend thought the whole situation very typical of Danielle and Sam. So they concluded that if it had to happen to anyone, it had to be the Smiths.

Later, the pair finally found the deceased cat’s owner, who asked them to leave the moggy in his final resting place.

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