Kiki the cat loves to relax in her pool of packing peanuts

Kiki is a cat who knows what she wants, and what she wants is to chill in her own personal pool of packing peanuts.

Kiki is a cat influencer along with her brother Kilo, and they both have 1.7 million followers on TikTok and about 104K on Instagram. They don’t have to do much in their popular videos. They just act like themselves, and people love it.

Fans especially love Kiki and her packing peanuts. She has her own small doggy-sized pool filled with them, and most of her videos show her sleeping, playing, and even burying herself in them. Who wouldn’t love watching this precious cat having the time of her life in her favorite packing peanuts?

Safe and secure

In some videos, Kiki’s owner tries to show her cat beds and cat trees, asking Kiki if she’d like to try using them. But Kiki knows what she wants, and she always prefers the packing peanuts.

Kiki’s owner mentions in some videos that she rescued Kiki from the streets. In one video, she expresses how much she loves Kiki and how grateful she is to have found her:

“If the multiverse is real, I hope I rescue you from the streets every single time.”

Sometimes her owner thinks Kiki may have some anxiety, probably left over from her old life, and that the packing peanuts make her feel secure.

Packing peanuts vs. food

The only thing that Kiki might love as much as packing peanuts, or maybe even more, is the automatic feeder. When it turns on, she instantly jumps out of her Styrofoam pool and runs to get her food.

Kiki isn’t the only one who loves food and packing peanuts. Her brother, Kilo, also comes running when he hears the feeder, and he has also tried out the peanut pool and decided that he likes it. In one video, their owner expresses her amazement:

“I can’t believe I found two cats on the streets that both love packing peanuts.”

Shark attack!

Kiki and Kilo’s owner also likes to have some fun dressing the two kitties up. On one memorable occasion, she gave Kiki a knitted shark hat and let her loose in the packing peanuts. The result was a hilarious video where Kiki hides in the Styrofoam, with only the shark fin showing, and then suddenly pops out.

Next time you’re working with packing peanuts, watch out, or you might be the victim of a sharcat attack!

Kiki has so much fun with her Styrofoam packing peanuts, and we hope that she never stops doing what she loves.

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