Girl raises money for cat shelter in Louisiana

A talented 8-year-old girl crafts bracelets to benefit a cat shelter and raises $521 in one week

Brenna Edwards’s mother is a volunteer at an animal shelter; thus, the girl has spent her whole life among cats. Cats’ plight is an issue dear to her heart, and Breanna feels compelled to help them. For this reason, the clever eight-year-old girl has set up a laudable enterprise whose profits facilitate the placement of … Read more

A cat is rescued from ice in Siberia

A couple in Siberia rescued a trapped cat with his paws frozen in the ice at subzero temperatures

Sergey Baranov and his wife Yelena saved a cat after discovering it buried beneath their vehicle in the snow. The stranded cat’s paws had frozen after being caught in a puddle on the street. This event occurred at Zlatoust, a Russian town on the Ay River. Zlatoust is located in western Siberia, a region famous … Read more

A little boy holds a tiny tabby kitten.

This sweet boy built a wheelchair for a tiny disabled kitten

A 9-year-old Brazilian boy met a disabled little kitten at his neighbor’s house. The kind-hearted boy built a wheelchair for the injured kitten, changing his life forever. The boy’s mother, Rogéria Bello Corazza, posted the heartwarming story on her Facebook account.    Joao, who loves animals, lives with his parents in the Brazilian state of Paraná. … Read more