An Israeli minister stopped traffic to save a defenseless kitten from oncoming traffic

A busy political schedule didn’t stop an Israeli minister from doing a good deed. Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Matan Kahana stopped traffic on a highway to save a cat from being struck by high-speeding cars.

The rescue video has circulated on the internet, garnering much attention.

On July 18th, Matan Kahana was driving along the Ayalon highway near Tel Aviv, Israel, during the morning rush hour. Thousands of cars take this road to reach the buzzing city.

A kitten trapped under a car

It appears that the ministry was paying extra attention to the road because he spotted a lone kitten trapped in the middle of the road.

No one knew how the kitten got there, but he was in great danger of being hit by a car at any minute.

According to the Times Israel, Matan Kahana didn’t hesitate a second. The official stopped his engine and got out to rescue the scared kitty.

With the help of two men, Kahana encouraged the feline to come out from underneath the car. Intrigued by the strange scene, bystanders slowed as they passed the improvised rescue team.

As expected these days, a bystander filmed the scene and posted the video on the internet. Likewise, Journalist Daphna Liel, who witnessed the scene, tweeted to her hundred and fifty thousand followers:

” If you’re stuck in the traffic jam on the Ayalon-North, this is the reason: Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana stopped traffic to save a kitten stuck under a car.”

An ungrateful feline?

After much perseverance, the kitten was finally coaxed out of his hiding place, and the minister quickly grabbed it. Matan Katana then rushed to safely put his protégé on the side of the road.

Kahana’s adventure didn’t end there. After putting the cat down, the minister realized he had a cut. The poor pussy cat was so agitated he scratched his savior, not a great way to say thanks if you ask us!

Since the cat’s origin was undetermined, Matan Kahana had to receive an injection against tetanus.

Who is Matan Kahana?

Matan Kahana is an Israeli politician who serves as acting Minister of Religious Services and as a Knesset member for the political alliance New Right and Yamina.

Prior to his partisan career, he was a colonel in the Israeli Defence, where he was in command of an F-16 squadron. After retiring from the army, he joined the New Right party, which is part of the Yamina coalition.

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