Meet Java the special needs cat who is spreading joy across the internet

Java the special needs cat was rescued as a kitten along with her sister Mocha just before they were set to be euthanized.

Both kittens had upper respiratory infections, but there was something else wrong with Java, she had no mobility in her back legs.

But Java never let that hold her back. As soon as her foster mom Kelly brought her and her sister home, she showed just how playful and full of life she was!

A special cat

Before being rescued, Java and Mocha were strays. The people who brought them into the shelter said they saw a child pulling Java out of a bush by either her back legs or her tail.

This is likely what caused the fracture, which upon assessment, her vet believes paralyzed Java. Although she cannot be cured, Java does not feel any pain, the vet confirmed that she can’t feel anything below her waist.

The vet also determined that Java is incontinent, and would need her bladder expressed several times a day to keep her healthy.

But that didn’t deter Kelly, she had already fallen in love with Java and decided to take care of her for the rest of her life. Kelly explained:

“I couldn’t euthanized this tiny thing that was just so much love”

Love all around

Because Java needs her bladder expressed several times every day, this meant that Kelly had to bring her with her everywhere she went.

Which ended up binding the two of them together in ways that are hard for Kelly to articulate.

Java is such a bright, endearing, silly little cat, that it’s easy to see how much joy her presence would bring to anyone’s life.

A black cat with immobile back legs sleeping with each back leg on opposite sides of her.
Java tends to sleep in some funny positions! Pic credit: @no_ordinary_housecat/Instagram.

She has never once let her paralysis hold her back from living her best life, it is so heart-warming to watch Java scoot around without a care in the world.

Kelly’s love and devotion to Java is inspirational, and it is because of her that Java can live her life to the fullest.

The internet is grateful for her care too, we get to join in the joy by watching this sweet little cat take on the world.

A black cat with immobile back legs sitting on a tiled floor.
Such a beauty. Pic credit: @no_ordinary_housecat/Instagram.

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