Quick-thinking motorcyclist saves a cat from a busy road tunnel

While riding his motorcycle through a tunnel, a young Singaporean man spotted a black cat wandering alone on the side of the road and in danger of being run over at any moment.

So the good samaritan stopped to rescue the animal. Moreover, he used social media to find the cat’s family.

The young man himself reported the kitten’s rescue to a local group dedicated to protecting cats called “Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats.” The public forum counts more than thirty thousand members.

A cat lost in a tunnel

On May 17th, Zamani Zamri was riding his two-wheeler under the Bartley Road pass when he peeped a slinky form, it was a feline roaming the street.

In his Facebook post, Zamani described the animal as a “beautiful black cat with a thick and long coat.” Unfortunately, the animal seemed lost and was walking on the side of the road. Given the proximity of speeding vehicles, the puss was in great danger of being hit.

A worried Zaman stopped his engine and managed to grab the wiggling cat. Once they were both safe, Zamani made a trip to the veterinarian. The professional examined the cat and found it relatively in good health. However, the rescued moggy did not have an identification chip.

His rescuer launched a call for witnesses on the Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats page, hoping that his family would recognize him and come and get him back.  Hundreds of users shared his post.

Netizens praised Zamani for his generosity and wished the black kitten well.@LauSengYap wrote:

“Would have been dangerous to remain in the underpass. You saved his life today!”

Zamani’s post even got additional exposure when a local news website reported the rescue. Still, several days went by without anyone claiming the cat.

A new family for the tunnel cat

At the end of the month, in an update to his post, Zamani Zamri announced some comforting news. Finally, as nobody had declared themselves the kitty’s owner, someone was ready to adopt him.

Zamani shared that the rescued cat had found a new family, the adoption process ended, and the adorable feline was no longer a stray cat.

Having received countless messages after his post and the media attention, Zamari Zamri apologized, in passing, for not having responded to all the messages. They were just too many to handle.

He made a point of thanking all those who mobilized, for their “kind words” and for worrying about the kitten’s fate.

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