Blind cat has his special way of letting his deaf sibling know it’s time for lunch

Two disabled cats have found in each other the support companion they needed. A video posted on Reddit shows a blind cat waking his deaf sibling up right on time for the meal.

A deaf cat who becomes friends with another impaired cat will never have to worry about losing his friend’s support because they both have similar challenges.

The ability of animals to form friendships and work together can sometimes result in really touching scenarios. But, when it comes to cuddliness, cats can’t be topped.

 They’re famous for their cute and endearing shows of affection toward one another (when it suits them, of course).

When two disabled cats discover the benefits of friendship, their relationship grows deeper. Indeed, a video uploaded to the social networking website Reddit serves as evidence of this point.

In the video, you can see two cats having a tender time together. At first, only one of them is awake.

 The tabby feline is awoken and excited to have lunch. Since it is time for breakfast, he meows to let his deaf friend know about it.

To ensure his ginger friend understands the signal, the blind cat strokes his buddy with his muzzle. Then, even though he is starving, the tabby tomcat moves with great care and caution.

The sleeping feline finally emerges from his sleep.

Internet is head over heels for these disabled cats

User @ westcoastcdn19 posted the video on October 10 on the forum Animal being bros, a fitting space for this touching demonstration of friendship. The title was: So special how they communicate with each other

The stirring video was an instant hit with viewers. Reactions read like the following comment from Redditor idontknowmaybenot :

“My heart feels their love through this video; so incredibly sweet. Cats are so special.”

Lauding the post as the cutest thing ever, many commenters share their experience growing up with a disabled pet or relative.

Robtheloster wrote:

“My 12-year-old dog slowly became deaf over the last couple of years, and my other dog learned to alert him of everything going on. Now he always sleeps with some part of his body touching hers, so he will wake up if she does.”

So far, the popular post has received over fifty-three thousand upvotes and almost three hundred comments. Its popularity is now reaching outside social media.

News outlet the Hindustan Times has published an article relaying the story. This piece elicited similar reactions to those on Reddit.

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