This woman’s conversation with her talking cat is a hit on social media

Meet talking cat Monroe! This orange tabby is a darling on social media and known for his quirky “meow” responses to his mom on Tik Tok.

Cat communication

As pet owners, our pets are family and use different ways to communicate. Cats utilize various methods to communicate with their humans.

From slow blinks and head butts to big purrs and body positioning, felines are very clever when conveying their message. One of the most easily identifiable ways humans know a cat is trying to communicate is with their vocalized meows.

Hello Monroe

In a recent viral post published October 15th by user Monroe James @thatorangecatwith over 1.1 million views, the talking feline and his mom share a humorous exchange about his cuteness.

Monroe appears in the video lounging ever so comfortably in his fluffy bed, as his mom records. She exclaims, “You just look so perfect right now.”

Monroe responds with a meow as if to imply he knows he’s adorably handsome.

She continues, “You got the nice eyes on? You got the nice talkies?

The charming orange cat chimes back with an affirming meow.

Amused, she asks, “Do you want a treat? The lovable cat replies with another delicate meow to affirm his desire for a treat.

She continues, “Would that go well with it?” Monroe replies with a chatty meow before his mom continues.

She asks, “Look at your little leggy stretch! Are you a happy boy?’

Squirming in his bed, Monroe chirps back with another affirming meow for his mom before she asks one final question, “Do you want a treat?”

As if any pet would need to be asked such a question again, Monroe proceeds to prop himself up to make his way to get his treats before letting out a final meow to let his mom know it’s time to go.

As the video ends, his mom is in perfect unison with the talking cat, and she replies with a happy, ” Let’s go get one!”

Viewers react

Amused viewers commented with their thoughts about this lighthearted conversation exchange between mother and cat.

One person wrote, “He kept on saying ‘I know!” while another expressed, “[H]is meows are the sweetest.”

Another amused fan remarked, “[F]antastic genius cat discussion!” Monroe’s personality and charm did not go unnoticed, as one viewer stated, “I wish this was how my kitty sounded.”

One more fan wrote, ‘He’s better at having a conversation than most people I know. I’ve never loved someone else’s cat sooo much.”

You can follow Monroe and his entertaining conversations with his mother on his Tiktok page.

Did this entertaining story make you smile? Do you talk to your pet too?

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