Two disabled cats melt hearts in touching video

Blind cat has his special way of letting his deaf sibling know it’s time for lunch

Two disabled cats have found in each other the support companion they needed. A video posted on Reddit shows a blind cat waking his deaf sibling up right on time for the meal. A deaf cat who becomes friends with another impaired cat will never have to worry about losing his friend’s support because they … Read more

Blind cat is welcomed in a school

A blind cat rejected finds a forever home in an Italian school

Ray, a black and white blind kitten, was left abandoned in Noci, Italy. Yet, in a school in  Castellana Grotte, Ray found a home. The kitten has been through a lot of ups and downs. Here’s the feline’s touching story The two men from Noci discovered the kitten. Although blind, the puss didn’t look feral … Read more

seeing eye cat blind cat

A blind cat, its mother, and seeing-eye companion cat beat the odds and find their forever home

In September 2021, the Sioux City Animal Adoption Rescue Center found two inseparable cats. One cat did not have eyes, and the other female cat acted as a seeing-eye cat.  Cindy Rarrat, the director at Sioux City Animal Adoption Rescue Center remembers the introduction to the blind kitten and mother. The circumstances were unusual. Mother … Read more

blind gray cat sits on bench among sunflowers

This cat with congenital glaucoma does not let her condition stop her sense of adventure.

In January 2018, Julia Henning took her adorable foster kitten with congenital glaucoma in for emergency surgery to get her eye removed. Not certain if this kitten would survive, doctors hoped for the best. Congenital glaucoma is a severe condition that causes irreversible damage to the optic nerve. In cats, it is an inherited genetic … Read more

blind and diabetic cat leads normal life

Blind and diabetic cat has memorized where everything is in his house and now ‘runs the show’

Tigger is a senior cat who became blind. Also suffering from diabetes, the resilient puss still finds a way to lead a happy life with the help of his kind family. Pam Bergman adopted little Tigger when the cat was about two years old. In reality, the tabby’s adoption wasn’t exactly intentional; it was instead … Read more

A blind tabby cat in full frame and another image of the cat wearing a blue cone.

A blind street cat from Greece found the love of a family in London

Dmitri the cat lost his sight due to a severe eye infection, found wandering the city streets, he has started a new chapter in his life in London. The formerly stray kitten was spotted on the streets of Athens, Greece. Apparently, something terrible happened to him: his eyes were infected, so he couldn’t see. Dmitri … Read more

Abandoned blind cat with shocked expression becomes a ‘king’ after finding his forever home

Ivar spent a long time looking for a forever home. He was found as a kitten in a field on Galveston Island in Texas, and didn’t seem to have any socialization, so was most likely put out to die or abandoned by his mother. This made him quite aggressive, which is understandable considering that as … Read more