Bottle baby kitten makes the cutest slurping sounds

Bop Bop was a foster kitten at Teeny Fosters along with his other siblings. He may have been the tiny runt of the litter, but he had an enormous personality.

Bop Bop the bottle baby

Bop Bop’s foster mom started posting about Bop Bop and his siblings on her Instagram at the beginning of August. At that time, Bop Bop’s siblings were already learning how to eat wet food, but Bop Bop still needed to be bottle fed.

As the runt of the litter, he was smaller and a little farther behind his siblings, but that wouldn’t stop him from being the cutest, most determined little kitten.

Bop Bop really seemed to enjoy drinking out of the bottle. His foster mom posted a few videos of him being fed, where he made the most adorable slurping sounds. He had such a big appetite and seemed determined to grow bigger and stronger.

His enthusiasm even made the other cats at the foster home interested. In one video, an older cat investigated Bop Bop and his bottle, as if to say, “You make that sound so yummy. Can I try some?”

Growing up

Bop Bop’s eating paid off. He grew bigger, and he even graduated from the bottle to wet food. Even though it was a new experience for him, he ate with as much gusto as he did before.

As Bop Bop grew, his personality exploded. He got more vocal, with the most adorable meows and purrs. He also learned how to play, bouncing around while chasing his toys.

Bop Bop was also a big love bug! Sometimes, he couldn’t decide between playing with his siblings and snuggling with his foster mom, and the decision made him freeze up, standing still and staring with wide eyes. It was a very important decision, and he needed to focus!

Tiny orange tabby kitten stands near a couch
To snuggle or to play? That is the question. Pic credit: @teenykittenfosters/Instagram

Feel the Bop Bop love

In just a month, Bop Bop had grown up so much. On September 3rd, his foster mom announced that he had been adopted. It was sad to see everyone’s favorite kitten leave his foster home, but his foster mom was so happy for him. She said:

“I love them all while they are here and help them to grow and thrive. Finding them wonderful families and letting them go allows me to save more little lives….Celebrate the adoption of everyone’s favorite Bop Bop! This means he made it, he thrived, he gets to live a beautiful life! Feel the Bop Bop love!”

We feel the love! And we’ll always be glad that this kitten foster mom shared adorable Bop Bop with us during his journey from a slurping bottle baby to a grown up, adopted kitten.

Orange tabby kitten lying on its back with its paws in the air
Bye bye, Bop Bop! Pic credit: @teenykittenfosters/Instagram
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