sweet reunion between missing cat and mistress filmed by camera

Missing cat and owner reunite in touching footage filmed by doorbell camera

A couple couldn’t find their cat anywhere in the house. Finally, after searching for their missing cat for several hours, Roxy and her husband were delighted to retrieve their puss. The wonderful surprise was recorded on the surveillance camera. Roxy and Drake Heinhorst have recently settled in East Peoria as their permanent residence. They brought … Read more

Gray tabby cat with cerebellar hypoplasia

Meet Dilly Beans, a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia living her best life

Dilly Beans is an amazing cat who is living her best life. She has cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition that causes her to wobble around. Although she’s a little more wiggly than other cats, she’s a very happy cat. Not broken Dilly Beans was adopted 2 years ago in the summer. She was a rescue cat … Read more

Black and white dog and tabby cat cuddle together

Harvey the chunky cat becomes best friends with his annoying puppy brother

Harvey was a rescue cat who needed to get back in shape. When he first met his new puppy brother, Blu, he wasn’t amused, but then Blu became one of his best friends and started helping him exercise. Hurricane cat Harvey was named after the hurricane that swept through Texas in 2017. He was left … Read more

Orange tabby kitten bottle feeding

Bottle baby kitten makes the cutest slurping sounds

Bop Bop was a foster kitten at Teeny Fosters along with his other siblings. He may have been the tiny runt of the litter, but he had an enormous personality. Bop Bop the bottle baby Bop Bop’s foster mom started posting about Bop Bop and his siblings on her Instagram at the beginning of August. … Read more

A disabled cat leads a normal life

A disabled and incontinent cat’s positive attitude wins over the Internet

Disability is not a death sentence for a cat. Instead, Aoife, a 2-year-old paraplegic kitten, is showing the internet how to overcome hurdles to lead a happy life. Her social media has grown in popularity, with one video of the paralyzed puss gaining 73.3 million views. Forty-five-year-old fitness coach Sabrina De Matteo and her husband, … Read more